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(Thunder) (x10)

I was caught

In the middle of a railroad track

(Thunder) (...of a lightning attack)

I looked round

And I knew there was no turning back


My mind raced

And I thought what could I do


And I knew

There was no help, no help from you


Sound of the drums

Beatin' in my heart

The thunder of guns

Tore me apart

You've been - thunderstruck

(Rode | Went) down the highway

Broke the limit, we hit the town

Went through to Texas, yeah Texas

And we had some fun

We met some girls

Some dancers who gave a good time

Broke all the rules, played all the fools

Yeah, yeah, they, they, they blew our minds

I was shakin' at the knees

Could I come again please?

Yeah the ladies were too kind

You've been - thunderstruck, thunderstruck

Yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck


Oh, thunderstruck, yeah Now we're shaking at the knees

Could I come again please?

Thunderstruck, thunderstruck

Yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck

Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah

Said yeah, it's alright

We're doing fine

Yeah, it's alright

We're doing fine

(So fine) Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Tunderstruck, thunderstruck, thunderstruck

Whoa baby, baby, thunderstruck

You've been thunderstruck, thunderstruck

Thunderstruck, thunderstruck, thunderstruck

You've been thunderstruck

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Estilo: Heavy Metal
álbum "The Razors Edge" del año (1990) .
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9,92 / 10 de 297 Votos y 2710 Visitas
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