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Too Deep For The Intro Letra

Artista: J. Cole

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Too Deep For The Intro letra de J. Cole

Partially functional, half of me is comfortable
The other half is close to the cliff like Mrs Huckstable
These boys got them hoslters and clips they pack like lunchables
Like white boys in grade school
We ate school made food just
Eyeing they shit, wish I was trying they shit
Knowing when mama hit the store she wasn't buying that shit
No I ain't crying a bit man
That's just life that's just how shit work
You reach your hand in fire, you pull it back when you get burnt
Gotta learn when you get hurt
Even if it's with cupid
He beat you and you went back
Who's officially stupid
Oh yeah I understand that's your man,
You had a plan
You been together for some years
You sticking with him for the kids
So you overlook the tears but we both know that's a bad look
Cause 20 years from now your daughter will probably get her ass whooped
If this too deep for the intro I'll find another use
But just in case it's perfect let me introduce
Cole, cole, cole
If this too deep for the intro I'll find another use
But just in case it's perfect let me introduce
It's Cole, I had a dream and so I made a move
A I'll ass nigga who just so happened to stay in school
Still rap for hustlers and ma'fuckers that hated school
Said that's for busters that heard my shit and I made it cool
This ain't to say that I'm gifted as if I'm Christmas shopping
I got gangsta niggas that lining up in that missions office
And possibly cause all the hoe niggas scrape
And I shit up on my plate so you know a nigga late to my first class
I'd much rather sit up in first class
Should I admit that a slutty bitch was my first smash
Was it experience so nah I didn't wear it out
Always thought my first time would be with someone I cared about
But being a virgin was something to be embarrassed bout
I used to ask for practice so I wasn't scared out my mind
You call it rhymes I call it clearing out my mind
Was just a young boy staring out my blind
Till I got free from my momma leash
Running loose through the streets
Like a stray dog in heat
And we looking for some freaks can you play
Pardon me, what's your name, don't mistake me for no lame
No not me
She do hours on the team cause she seen how tall I'd be
In the club dappin' niggas, (?) R-I-P
Damn, you win some, you lose some
That just how it's happens
And if a nigga step up to ya, then you gotta scrap em
Your name is all you got, throwing hands by the bathroom
It's funny I barely told nobody I started rapping
Cause see some niggas was haters that I viewed as clowns
At 14 I knew I was the nicest dude around
I gotta make a move, I gotta do this now
If they don't know your dreams, than they can't shoot em down

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- Álbum "Friday Night Lights" del año (2010) .
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La Canción 'Too Deep For The Intro' de J. Cole ,incluida en su disco 'Friday Night Lights' en el año 2010 .Este track 01 del álbum Friday Night Lights es una de las mejores canciones hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Blow Up" , "Back To The Topic" , "Home For The Holidays" , "Villematic" , "Before I'm Gone" , "In The Morning" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 1469 Visitas y 1 votos con 10,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "The Fall Off" del año 2020 y 145 Visitas
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Too Deep For The Intro Lyrics

Too Deep For The Intro Video

10.00 / 10 de 1 Votos y 1469 Visitas
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