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Daddy Yankee de / Río Piedras (pr) Con 45 año ,Con un estilo musical Reggaeton . El tiene 24 álbums añadidos , 185 letras de música y 289752 hits. Último álbum añadidos LEGENDADDY no año de 2022 with the lyrics "Bloke" . Usa el buscador de canciones .

Daddy Yankee Songs

9 Con Calma letra traducida
Mexico (2018)
[Intro: Daddy Yankee] D-D-D-D-D-DY Play N 'Skillz Run! [Pre-Chorus: Daddy Yankee] What's your name, baby? Since I saw you I knew you were for me Tell your friends that you are 'ready' This I follow 'in the after party What's your name, baby? (Brr, brr) Since I saw you I knew you were f
11 De Vuelta Pa' La Vuelta letra traducida
spain (2020)
Marc Anthony. DY Before you say anything, your eyes confirm everything to me E 'true what they tell me and to deny it already and' very late I took care of myself as a person 'like you, but in the end I am not human and I have much' more 'defect' of what you know You made fun of me and I
13 El Pony letra traducida
spain (2020)
Come and get on the Pony, on the Pony You look like a stripper in the tube making money Come and get on the pony, on the pony To 'that cinabun I'm going to pass the honey In the machine it is mounted, it returns and it dismounts Yes You are beautifuljackie you are the jockey In the machine
15 Don Don ft. Anuel AA y Kendo Kaponi letra traducida
mexico (2020)
KENDO Burberry, Fendi, love turns on Red, blood, the aventador Gorilla glue smells inside And the jellyfish is found in the 22 ANUEL Richard Miller, in my hunter's hand The complete pint of Christian Dior I don't want a mistake tonight We make a porno and I'm going to be the director K
16 Problema letra traducida
(Intro: Daddy Yankee) Fire! It was-! Da-ddy Yan—! (Saying: Daddy Yankee) He gave it all the way down and he saw the record (Hey) The most 'bastard my eyes' have seen Pa 'me you are' a challenge like the 'TikTok You are' a problem and I love the 'conflict' (Pre-Chorus: Daddy Yankee) A
22 Mírame ft. Wisin & Yandel y Don Omar letra traducida
mexico (2018)
Enire Eni Keakeye Pageni EzaBeza Kuchekiu JotaJese Jeni Meriankeraio Meretanajaio Meriankeraio Ke tinia Keni Look at me, look at me Witches eyes kill me I want to feel you Your Ganster is here I feel so lonely I want to devour you The night is dark Warlock eyes cast a spell on me
26 MÉTELE AL PERREO letra traducida
spain (2020)
The music sounds! Get into the doggy, get into the doggy At the same time that a dog is united and perrean toa ' Get into the dog, get into the dog Go- Bayamón you both fire! The others go by the number No. 2 climb to the # 1 for your move I like you're street and fine Fina Fina She lik
32 CORONA Freestyle letra traducida
spain (2020)
We are imprisoned in free without serving a sentence A mask is worth more than a chain Someone said life is good even if the fridge is not full The Lord does not 'accompany the last supper, amen Our desire is not limited We continue' thinking of likes when Someone needs a heart Yeah, death com
36 Súbele el volumen letra traducida
Daddy Yankee, Myke Towers, Jhay Cortez- Turn up the volume Turn up the volume That is on a mission Dj don't remove the music, turn up the volume I know her intention she is on revenge she says they broke her heart and what she felt she left it in a mailbox Raise the volume for h
38 X ÚLTIMA VEZ ft Bad Bunny letra traducida
Spain (2022)
DY Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah Hey It's been a long time since I've seen you If you say no, then I won't insist But I have to tell you Today I see you differently, I don't know why I finally have you in front of me, tell me what (Hey, hey) I'm alone and you're not with him (Wuh) Don't worry , I
42 Zum zum feat Arcángel y Rkm and Ken-Y letra traducida
spain (2018)
Pina Records Attention Everybody to the dance floor Everybody to the dance floor (tamos ready) Rkm and Ken-Y I'm ready Get carried away by the adrenaline rush of this song Hands pa 'the floor buttocks pa' up Feel the sensation Zum Zum Zum Zum Zum Zum Zum Zum Everybody to the dance floor
104 Like You letra traducida
Yo! es tu chico! daddy yankee! todos mis latinos stand up! Marcando la historia caminen conmigo en esta! Holla Back usted sabe cómo se hace hombre! Porque tú eres la única para mí (Todo lo que quiero es una chica como tú) que es la forma en que me haces sentir (Todo lo que quiero es una c
131 Bombón ft El Alfa y Lil Jon letra traducida
(Oye, oye) Es tu chico Lil Jon (Sí) Señoras (Damas) Sabes a caramelo (Sabes a caramelo) Tengo que comer un poco de ese hijo de puta (Sí) Dame un poco de ese caramelo LEGENDADDY Yankee, habla con 'em (Ayy) Ese culito me tiene pensando, 'toy loco 'e meterle con to' (Yeah) 'Toy que te com
153 Hot ft Pitbull letra traducida
Las chicas en el club conocen el trato cuando venimos (Daddy Yankee) Nos muestran amor porque saben cómo lo dejamos (Mr. Worldwide) 'Tamo en alta, nunca le vamo' a bajar (Play-N-Skillz) ) Ten cuida'o con el fuego, te va a quemar dinero y no vamo ' a parar ese dinero, ese dinero, lo conseguim
167 Rumbatón letra traducida
Rumba I fell, just like you and I got up Little by little I overcame all that evil In one day you don't want to (No), not in two you forget either (Yeah-yeah) Anyway, you have to live life (Yeah ), so give it movement (Rum-rumba) and Dance for me Let's wake up dancing (Dance with me, bab
170 Para Siempre ft Sech letra traducida
I feel that the time has come, it's been a long time I have sworn in vain but for you I do not break the oath Only you and me in this story I will not think about it, I better try I get on my knees' I'm tired of talking and I came to show that you are my wonder How this ring shines (Fire,
171 Remix letra traducida
welcome to the remix _ _ _ the remix more than the original Now you really pressed, you look abnormal Now upload the photo so they can see it It makes everyone crazy, but it plays I like the remix more than the original Now you really pressed, You look abnormal Now upload the photo so they c
175 La Ola letra traducida
(Pull down and, pull-down and) Ah, wuh, ah Wuh (Pull down and, pull-down and) Sound like this, Flow Let's go hard (Uh), easy (Wuh), a classic perreo (Wuh) I have a natural cat and the other plastic (Hey) Piquete spicy, keep it up like this They call me "Sub-Zero" when they see me with the
176 LEGENDADDY letra traducida
A mi gente y millones alrededor del mundo Damas y caballeros, damas y caballeros Esta es la última ronda Presentando al Campeón de peso pesado en la música Con un récord invicto de treinta y dos años (Papi, Papi, Papi, Papi) Es el fundador y creador de reggaeton (Papi, Papi, Papi, Papi)
179 Uno Quitao y Otro Puesto letra traducida
Jah Vamo' pa' on jet 'e bastard', haha ​​I always go to me, without downloading This e' (Full) One removes and another put (Fire) One removes and another put (What?) One removes 'or and another post (What?) Without being sleepy, I put them to bed (Boss) Sounding of the time
183 Impares letra traducida
We bet everything to return And the account was left bankrupt We wanted to enter, but without understanding That the truth has already closed the door on us (Ah-ah) We tried', but this failed (Failed; ah-ah) Mistrust was who He beat us (E-ey) We're not 'equal', eh Since you and I left eac

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