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Juanes de / Medallin (co) Con 48 año ,Con un estilo musical Pop Rock Latino . El tiene 15 álbums añadidos , 142 letras de música y 310042 hits. Último álbum añadidos Mas Futuro Que Pasado no año de 2019 with the lyrics "Ninguna" . Usa el buscador de canciones .

Juanes Songs

1 Juntos Together letra traducida
guatemala (2014)
From "McFarland, USA" Landing in a dream I'm Navigating life Today I am giving this new day Yes, yes The moon always guides me I do not always understand the present But I look for the output Better to be hurt than absent Better to sound than throw yourself in luck Better life when you fe
2 Ángel letra traducida
spain (2017)
Dreaming in each awakening our hands and faith Without fear of losing There is no law between the two The time stops when your love shines In the cold morning and when the sun rises you fill everything You take the pain from me Your eyes fall in love with me, I enter uncontrolled You fill e
3 El Ratico feat. Kali Uchis letra traducida
spain (2017)
I've been thinking about telling you these words for several days With pain in the soul I think it's time for you to go I do not sleep several nights And it's because of this hell To know that I can not Riding between your Sueeeño in the noooches contiiigo Dreams that will not come back A
16 Fuego letra traducida
spain (2017)
Hello, you inspire me when you walk With your eyes you devour me You know you love me From corner to corner from top to bottom With your Latin flavor It feels like hours do not pass You take me out of the routine My life is better now Stay until sunrise I have waited so long turn me of
24 Besos En Guerra feat Morat letra traducida
spain (2017)
Who told you that lie? That you were easy to forget Do not listen to your friends They are only witnesses of the other half Two kisses are too much And a kiss will not be enough And although they warn soldiers If he is in love at war he will die You do not have to take care o
27 La Luz letra traducida
spain (2013)
The light went out in the whole neighborhood. The light went out in the whole neighborhood Light the candles that the party does not go out, The light went out in the whole neighborhood Light the candles that the party does not go out, Tonight I want to be yours, Tonight I have to
35 Más Que Tu Amigo letra traducida
Tribute to Marco Antonio Solis I want to tell you Tonight without hesitation I can not stand What I bring here in my heart I like you so much, you drive me crazy And I can not hide it anymore Everywhere you appear As an illusion in my look It's a secret I just want to share With those
38 Pasarán letra traducida
Enter] Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh [Chorus: Juanes] They will pass, for each border they will pass The years of hatred and cruelty will pass And there will be no forbidden place Forbidden, illegal There will no longer be or see owners or slaves These quie
40 Es Tarde letra traducida
spain (2017)
It's late There are doors that close and that never open You left thinking that I could not forget you If I remember you it's because you came looking for me It's late.. Where will it go? The love that one day I had you Where will it go? Where will it go? The wind will take Clouds as
51 Hermosa Ingrata letra traducida
spain (2017)
Again, you will not make love to me This time I do not give you my heart It was good that you played with me The culprit was me, for wanting your love If I had known a little I would not have gotten I would not have messed with you For that way (x2) And you You are a beautiful ungrateful
58 Pa Dentro letra traducida
spain (2017)
[Verse 1] It seems that this pod heated up Your body and my body know it My chest feels your breathing And the beats are the same It shows you That all your neurons are upset If I kick, there's no stopping this ball Sweat the windows drop by drop It shows you Step by step under the ste
62 Yerbatero letra traducida
I bring you the remedy for that evil of love that shakes you it does not deserve ... suffer if your partner left you ohhh I have all kinds of concoctions, medicinal plants I have brought them from very distant forests to here I am a yerba I come to heal your lovesickness I am the one wh

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