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Traffic Light Letra The Ting Tings

Letra de Traffic Light lyrics The Ting Tings
¿no ser un semáforo con todas las cosas dijo que a su vez a rojo ¿no ser un semáforo ¿no ser una ronda-a-Bout no otra ronda-a-Bout hemos llegado hasta aquí aún de vuelta al inicio ¿no ser una ronda-a-Bout oh bebé ahora no te pie ...

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Don't you be a traffic light

With all things said

You turn to red

Don't you be a traffic light

Don't you be a round-a-bout

Not another round-a-bout

We've come this far

Yet back to the start

Don't you be a round-a-bout

Oh now baby don't miss read the signs

If you turn the key then things will turn out fine

Lets not have a break down

Not another breakdown

You're on your own a long way from home

Lets not have a breakdown

Don't miss read the signs if you had just turned the key then things would have turned out fine

You're pushing me, you're breaking

Over taking me you're racing

First placing me not chasing me back home

Don't let me down

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Não seja um semáforo Não seja um semáforo Quando as coisas são faladas, você fica vermelho Não seja um semáforo E não seja um carrossel Não, não um carrossel qualquer Nós viemos tão longe e depois de volta para o início Não se ...

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álbum "We Started Nothing" del año (2008) .
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9,92 / 10 de 20 Votos y 628 Visitas
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