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Travel Ban Letra

Artista: iLOVEFRiDAY

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Travel Ban letra de iLOVEFRiDAY

(Verse 1: Xeno Carr)

I'm 'bout go to her place

I’ll beat it up at her place

I'll put it up in her face

She better suck like a leech

She begging me for the D

Baby girl leave it to me

I’m bout to leave, give a fu*kwhat you think

I’m bout to put the purple in my drink

I go off of vibes

I might cause a fight

She ride the dick like a bike

I’m bout to be here all night

Yeah, we’re strapped like dykes

Don’t you fuckin' try

She wanna go on a hike

I left that girl on a hike

(Bridge: Smoke Hijabi)

Wooowwww, he really left me on this hike

But you know what? You know what bitch?

I got Tinder, ha, how 'bout that

I’m from Pakistan

Fuck the travel ban, bitch, I still made it here

(Verse 2: Smoke Hijabi)

I made it here on the travel ban

I got straps like the Taliban

Better watch out, imma steal your man

I do what I want, you do what you can

I’m making moves like monopoly

Hold up, no one's on top of me

Hold up, no one is stopping me

I’m blowing up, no one's popping me

You are just mad you’re not from Atlanta

I should just go be a dancer

You bitches bald, cancer

Your nigga calls, I don’t answer

I'm bout to flood out my wrist

I’m bout to fu*kon yo bitch

When I reload, I don’t miss

One to the head and the hips

(Outro: Smoke Hijabi)

Fuck all y’all hoes

If you don’t like Pakistanis, then fu*kyou and you can go suck ISIS dick (Muffled)

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La Canción 'Travel Ban' de iLOVEFRiDAY ,incluida en su disco 'iLOVEFRiDAY' en el año 2018 .Este track 02 del álbum iLOVEFRiDAY es una de las mejores canciones Pop Rock ,junto a temas como "Mia Khalifa" , "Hate Me" , "Travel Ban" , "Sauce It Up" , "That's a Shame" , "Judge Me" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 1645 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "iLOVEFRiDAY" del año 2018 y 304 Visitas

Travel Ban Lyrics

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