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Krill edible oceans at their feet

A troublesome troop out on safari

a lullaby holds their drones in sleep

For tatteling clearly indiscreet

Five fallible flags in hybersonic

Are told to stay nearly out of reach

And in space two receivers turn away

Just in case two receivers turn away

To displace two receivers turn away

And in space...

Submissions in outer regions pleased

A gathering of teens in old sargasso who's mission is to fall flat at their feet

While sat on a sparsely crowded beach

Marine noticed change in perfect timing

A widow to all but her pastiche

And in space two receivers turn away.

Just in case two receivers turn away.

To displace two receivers turn away.

& in space...

Eternal flow strings to your bow

Roam through the globe

Eternal flow strings to your bow

Roam through the globe


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Letra Klaxons - Two Receivers Ampliar Canción Two Receivers de Klaxons Con 644 Visitas y 8 votos
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- Álbum "Myths Of The Near Future" del año (2006) .
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9,90 / 10 de 8 Votos y 644 Visitas
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