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United Nations Letra

Artista: 50 Cent

Letra de canción de música

United Nations letra de 50 Cent


Uh uh uh yeah

Uh, uhhh

Uh uh uh yeah ("SMS, Audio")

Uh, uhhh

(Chorus: 50 Cent)

I got big bags of paper I'ma spennnnd, uhhh

We gon' do it how we do it then do the shit againnnn, uhhh

You should fu*kwith a winner bitch if you wanna winnnn, uhhh

We celebratin like a nigga home fresh out the pen, uhhh

(50 Cent)

I'm on, bitches all on my john

To get bread and don't blow bread, the fu*kis the point?

Call me Elroy, I be on some Jetson shit

Pop a X then a blue pill then wreck a bitch

I like it raw; ooh baby ohh baby I like it raw

Take a chill pill bright and early tomorrow

The morning after, plan B, no kids involved

Please no kids involved

I put that money in a vault bitch, Usain Bolt quickness

But let's make a deal then blow mil's for real

Uh, time's a-wastin, you're watchin my watch, huh?

You're old school, huh? You're jockin my style, uhh


(50 Cent)

I don't give a flyin fuck, I always make bail

Motherfu*kan award, check Forbes I'm there

Not once, e-ve-ry year!

Even when I take a break my pockets is in shape

I'm back off of vacation

Can you believe it I been gettin paid on vacation?

Yeah, I'ma keep niggaz forever hatin

They thought I'm goin down now look I'm levitatin

I'm with Deepak, meditatin

In Somalia and Kenya with United Nations

Fundin the World Food Programme

I'm fin' to solve world hunger, goddamn!


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