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Welcome To Zion Letra

Artista: Wiley

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Welcome To Zion letra de Wiley lyrics

Hello mr cowie welcome to zion
Yh cuz wagwan
I heard this is the place to be like this is the final place on earth for us
Mr cowie I'm going to open these doors and you may enter zion
I can be at peace with this vibe
Some cant be at ease with this vibe
Cos it ain't so fast
I teach you these ways now there ain't no class
I picked it all up somewhere in the past
And your mind place plays tricks
Until you realise its
All stored in your head
You wanna wipe it
If a fan likes a bar I wanna write it
So I can say I wrote it
And then they quote it
When the times appropriate
My days gonna surface
And its all gonna come back to me
Like don't worry son cos your life weren't worthless
Your a guy that your guy roots on the earth with
Musical talent
Tryna teach a musical balance
Learn that you haven't
I thought that I made it here way back when I found out that I hadn't
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Its a place that I want to be in
The queens and princesses that I'm seeing
Got me in a daze like what am I seeing
The best spices of the female being
I'm a fine one stick to her like glue
I know her but babe I like you
I wanna chill in the garden, I'm in the mood
Your in the kitchen cooking up our food
While I'm here looking up a tune on a macbook pro
Yeah I know, accurate flow
I'm blessed with the gift
thats why I'm on the mic
cos I give an immaculate flow
no high grass and trees
I'm here because I make masterpiece
I made after peace
Full of sun then an after breeze
Foods so good here let the master eat
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
I gave my life to a constant cycle
If I try rest it don't work
My new place I'm focused on my homework
For this focus here I'm doing my homeworks
And I'm an old boy, ain't tryna so search
I don't want a front on a strip of an old murk
I wanna take a walk through the mountains
Drink fresh berry juice straight from a fountain
See the sun rise up in the morning
See the sun go down on a calm ting
No bad vibes ever in this zone
Its been a while ain't seen nothing alarming
All the mums tell your daughters that kylie is charming
I'll wife her, what are you doing in (arin (?))
Its not a joke stop parring
Call the mama I'm looking for a different darling
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion
Welcome to zion

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- Álbum "Evolve or Be Extinct" del año (2012) .
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Welcome To Zion Lyrics


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