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Yellow Ledbetter Letra

Artista: Pearl Jam

Letra de canción de música

Yellow Ledbetter letra de Pearl Jam

On a porch a letter sat
Let me say "I wanna leave it again"
Once I saw her on a beach of weathered sand
I'm gonna say "I wanna leave it again" ....yeah
On a weekend, wanna wish it all away yeah..
and they called and I said that i want what i said
and then i call out again
and the reason oughta leave her calm I know
I said I know what I wear
not a boxer or a bag...
ah yeah...
can you seem?
out on the porch
yeah, but they don't wave
I see them, round the front way...yeah
and I know and I know
I don't wanna stay..
Make Me Cry (solo)
Ooh..I see
I don't know there's something else..
Anna called my runaway...
I said, I don't where there's a box or a bag,
ah yeah....yeah,
can u see them?
out on the porch
yeah, but they don't wave
I see them, round the front way yeah...
and I know and I know
I don't wanna stay.....at all
I don't wanna stay...(drawn out verse)
I don't wanna...(even more drawn out)
I don't wanna stay,
oh, don't wanna.....at..
all....(this word is very drawn out)

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Letra Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter Con 6002 Visitas y 442 votos
- Rating 7,47 / 10
- Estilo: Pop Rock Internacional
- Álbum "Jeremy (Cd Single)" del año (1995) .
. - Discografí­a y :: Biografía.

Jeremy (Cd Single)
03 Yellow Ledbetter
La Canción 'Yellow Ledbetter' de Pearl Jam ,incluida en su disco 'Jeremy (Cd Single)' en el año 1995 .Este track 03 del álbum Jeremy (Cd Single) es una de las mejores canciones Pop Rock Internacional ,junto a temas como "Yellow Ledbetter" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 6002 Visitas y 442 votos con 7,47 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Gigaton" del año 2020 y 1062 Visitas
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Yellow Ledbetter Lyrics

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7.47 / 10 de 442 Votos y 6002 Visitas
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