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Who'd believe with the way things are here

We'd be going anywhere telling people

How to live?

Who'd believe we'd spend more

Shippin' drugs and guns

Than to educate our sons? Sorry but

That's what they did

I can't help but think,

Someone's foresaken you and me

Luck deserted me and the truth

Beat out my brains

Men rise on stepping stones of their

Selves to higher things

I've stepped over lots of bodies on my way

Thanks for the information don't need no

More anything

We are the damned of all the world

With saddness in our hearts

The wounded of the wars

We've been hung out to dry

You didn't want us anyway

And now we're making up our minds

You tell us how to run our lives

We run for youthanasia

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Estilo: Rock Internacional
álbum "Youthanasia" del año (2004) .
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