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Are you ready for attack?

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Stargate ah yeah

Yeah (etc)

Five have been around and livin' it up

We're changin' it around just keeping you right

When we get excited no we never stop

Everybody knows we can't get enough

People say we're dark but we're the light

'Cause we're the only ones that are keeping you tight

Everybody's gonna feel high tonight

Five's gonna show you how to rock it right

Do you want it?

Do you need it?

Can you feel it?



'Cause you gotta get up

You gotta stay on top

Throw your hands to the sky

Wave them from side to side

It's gonna take all night

When you rock all right

Because we're wanted

Dead or alive


(I said 12345)

Ready, steady for attack

When you feel me comin'

Keep comin' back

The more you want, the more we got

All you gotta do is just give it a shot

Drop it into fifth in the fast lane

Once you've had a taste you'll be back again

Everybody's gonna feel high tonight

Five are gonna show you how to rock it right

Do you want it?

Do you need it?

Can you feel it?



(Said 12345) (x2)

Dead or Alive

We're comin' tonight

To make it all right

(Are you ready for attack)

Yeah (etc)


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12345 Download

Album " Kingsize" (2001)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song 12345 included in the album Kingsize [see Disk] in 2001 with a musical style pop rock internacional . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Let's Dance (Radio Edit)" - "Lay All Your Lovin On Me" - "Rock The Party" - " Closer To Me" - "Hear Me Now" - .

Look Five biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their " Kingsize" - "Greatest Hits" - " Invincible" - "Five" - .

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