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All at once,

The world can't overwhelm me

There's almost nothin' that you could tell me

That could ease my mind

Which way will you run

When it's always all around you

And the feelin' lost and found you again

A feelin' that we have no control

Around a song

Some say

There's gonna be the new hell

Some say

It's still too early to tell

Some say

It really ain't no myth at all

Keep askin' ourselves are we really

Strong enough

There's so many things that we got

Too proud of

We're too proud of

We're too proud of

I wanna take the preconceived

Out from underneath your feet

We could shake it off

Instead we'll plant some seeds

We'll watch em' as they grow

And with each new beat

From your heart the roots grow deeper

The branches will they reach for what

Nobody really knows

But underneath it all

Theres this heart all alone

What about is gone

And it really won't be so long

Sometimes it feels like a heart is no place to be singin' from at all

Theres a world we've never seen

Theres still hope between the dreams

The weight of it all

Could blow away with a breeze

If your waitin on the wind

Don't forget to breathe

Cause as the darkness gets deeper

We'll be sinkin as we reach for love

At least somethin we could hold

But i'll reach to you from where time just cant go

What about is gone

And it really wont be so long

Sometimes it feels like a heart is no place to be singin' from at all

All At Once Download

All At Once Download

Album "Sleep Through The Static" (2008)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song All At Once included in the album Sleep Through The Static [see Disk] in 2008 with a musical style pop rock . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "All At Once" - "Sleep Through The Static" - "Hope" - "Angel" - "Enemy" - .

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