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Oh I got a problem

Rising deep from my bones

Years of hibernation

I can't wait to be exposed

Leaping from the darkness

To feel the new morning light

It howls like a jet plane and echoes through the night

Oh how you done it

You woke up some stuff

We gon' have to talk about it

Round here things might get rough

You poked a sleeping giant

That ain't ate in months

And when it opens it's eyes

First thing is gonna run him through

Welcome to my jungle

Welcome to my world

I'm no longer bored

And you're much stronger a girl

I'm not barracuda

And you're not Thunder-cat

And we're at war

We're at war with no compass or map

No compass or map

No boundary fences, no ceilings or doors

No blanks or dull knives

Just shrieks and unheard roars

Fake, fake friendly faces

Time, time safe for basis

No emergency numbers

No way to fake the erases

No, no bell to guide you

Just blue, black, and stars

Wrapped us in angry earth

Manipulated your heart

Now, this one's for you babe

Under high fortress sky

Better follow your heart

Go undiscovered, you'll die

Welcome to my oyster

Don't you touch my pearl

I used to be your J-Bird

And you used to be my squirrel

Now I'm barracuda

And you're Thunder-cat

And we're at war

We're at war with no compass or map

(We don't need no)

(We don't need no)

No compass or map

I got respect for my enemies

In the shadows they lie

In the shadows we live

And in the shadows we cry

And the fashion of virtue

Is now a hopeless appeal

Cause love is corsair a side

That you can't keep what you steal

You can't keep what you steal

You can't keep what you steal

Welcome to my Milky

You can't change my universe

The things that won't last

We always seem to put first

Now I'm out to live this,

Yo baby kay yay

And we could end here this war

We could end this here war

We could end this war

We could end this war

We don't need no

We don't need no

We don't need no compass or map

We don't need no compass or map

We don't need nobody

All we need is you and me

We'll work it out, baby

Compass Or Map lyrics Download

Compass Or Map lyrics Download

Album "Love After War" (2011)

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