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Un, boy you turn me on

What’s the point of one

When we could be dos, dos, dos, tonight

You can catch a fire,

Burning up inside

I just want you close, close, close

If you be the bomb,

Baby, I’ll be your match

I’ll be your spark boy

And you’ll bring the gas

You excite me

You ignite me

Give me your touch and light me

Con Fuego

(La la la la la laaa)

I, I’m a prima donna

I get what I wanna

Boy you know I’m gonna

Get get you right

The temperature is rising

I can feel it climbing

Boy you take me higher

So give me your body

And I’ll show you love

You got me going

So come, set me off

You excite me

You ignite me

Give me your touch and light me

Con Fuego

(La la la la la laaa)


I know that you want it, want it

So you ‘bout to get it, get it

Come here girl, don’t run

It’s you I make it hot like the sun

I see your blonde ambition

I got just what you’re missin’

My pole is in full fission

Make it blaze up in the kitchen (Boom)

The fire’s in your body

Work you out just like Pilates

Take you deeper than a submarine

To the bottom of your ocean, party queen

To the bottom of your ocean, party queen

‘Till you can’t get enough of what’s inside my genes

Matter of fact...

Con Fuego

(La la la la la laaa)

Con Fuego feat. Aqeel Download

Con Fuego feat. Aqeel Download

Album "Con Fuego" (2013)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Con Fuego feat. Aqeel included in the album Con Fuego [see Disk] in 2013 with a musical style Pop Rock . Song included in Top music los40 The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Con Fuego feat. Aqeel" - .

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