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The heat is raging from the rising fires of war

Embers of avarice soon begin to soar

Vengeance breeding greater vengeance, two eyes for one eye

Crowning burning hatred that’s lying deep inside

A token gift, destroyers deep within its hold

Revenge of patient men is sweet and best served cold

The enemy inside the belly of the beast

A mighty Trojan horse, tonight the sentries sleep

On the march... No place to run

Time has come... No where to hide

The moon is red... No one is safe

From spilling blood... no living thing survives

Here they fight... regretting nothing

Here you die... the walls are caving in

Nothing left... a lethal encounter

Its judgment time... when death comes from within

Warning signs ignored, they have all but been denied

Prophets and messengers, mocked and vilified

Final destination lying deep inside their court

Their first line of defense soon became their last resort

Hardened deceivers entered through their open gates

Silent trained assassins, lying still, in wait

You look so perfect, but everybody knows

Their petrified to say the emperor has no clothes

So bloody perfect, but everybody knows

Their just so petrified, the emperor has no clothes

Death from within...

Death From Within Download

Death From Within Download

Album "Dystopia" (2016)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Death From Within included in the album Dystopia [see Disk] in 2016 with a musical style Heavy Metal . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "The Threat Is Real" - "Dystopia" - "Fatal Illusion" - "Death From Within" - "Bullet To The Brain" - .

Look Megadeth biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "Dystopia" - "Super Collider" - "Thirteen - TH1RT3EN" - "Endgame" - .

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