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Do you remember when we first met

I sure do

It was some time

In early September

You were lazy about it

You made me wait around

I was so crazy about you

I didn't mind

So I was late for class

I locked my bike to yours

It wasn't hard to find

You painted flowers on

Guess that I was afraid

That if you rode away

You might not roll back

My direction real soon

Well I was crazy about you then

And now the craziest thing of all

Over 10 years have gone by

And your still mine

We're locked in time

Lets rewind

Do you remember

When we first moved in together

The piano took up the living room

You'd play me boogie woogie

I played you love songs

You'd say we're playing house

Now you still say we are

We build our get away

Up in a tree we found

We felt so far away

Though we were still in town

I remember watching

That old tree burn down

I took a picture that

I don't like to look at

Well all these times

They come and go

Alone don't seem so long

Over 10 years have gone by

We cant rewind

We're locked in time

But your still mine

Do you remember?

Do You Remember Download

Do You Remember Download

Album "In Between Dreams" (2005)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Do You Remember included in the album In Between Dreams [see Disk] in 2005 with a musical style pop rock . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Better Together" - "Never Know" - "Banana Pancakes" - "Good People" - "No Other Way" - .

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