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(Verse 1)


Looking good and feeling fine (x3)

Sweat, sweat

Looking good and feeling fine (x3)


Step into the room

Like it's a catwalk


Singing to the tune

Just to keep them talking


Walk into the light

Display your diamonds and pearls in light


Married to the night

I own the world, we own the world


Look at me now!

Like we’re on top of the world in my Fashion!

Look at me now!

Like we’re on top of the world in my Fashion!

Looking good and feeling fine (x3)

Slay, slay

Looking good and feeling fine (x3)

Slay, slay

(Verse 2)

You've got company

Make sure you look your best


Make up on your face

A new designer dress


There’s a life on Mars

Where the couture is beyond, beyond


Married to the stars!

I own the world, we own the world!



I take it off, I put it on

I feel alive, when I transform

But this love's not material

Now take it in, and turn me on

Zip me up, it can't be wrong

Cause your new look's ethereal

Looking good, and feeling fine (x6)


Je me sens


Donnez moi Christian Louboutins

Je me sens


Le monde est témoin

C'est la vie en


Je suis en haute couture en


Fashion, fashion! (x4)

Fashion! Download

Fashion! Download

Album "ARTPOP" (2013)

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