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Well I get into the game, but it's always the same

I'm the man with the name, Hip Eponymous Poor Boy, boy

Call me whatever you may, I ain't stoppin' the train

I got a (?) full of (?), Hip Eponymous Poor Boy, boy

And I know that I can't defeat you

Yea, you don't worry now, I ain't going to preach to you

Well, there ya go

But I'll be going right there with you

Yeah wherever you'll be, you'll be lookin' at me

But don't get out of your chair

Put a bow in your hair, you might be makin' 'em stare

So leave the care to the poor boy, the boy

And that's the name of the game

Keep on stayin' the same, ain't nobody to blame

Nobody but the poor boy, the poor boy

Well okay, so you fell asleep today

What's funny to me though is that you did that yesterday

You might think I'm mad

To do all the things that I don't need to do

But while you're laughin' at me, well I'll be laughin' at you

So I get into the game, but always keep it the same

And I'll be usin' your name, but they'll be yellin' at me Poor boy, boy

But I'll be happy for you, cause you got nothin' to do

And I'll be singin' the blues, walkin' around singin' Poor boy, boy

Sometimes a cold shiver comes over me

And it turns me on when the song takes over me

But alright, I can't fight it the odds are against me

But I can't sit still

Because I know that I will

And you'll be watching me girl, takin' over the world

Let the stripes unfurl, gettin' rich singin' Poor boy, boy

And I'll be comin' to play, I do it every day

And the title will stay, Hip Eponymous Poor Boy, boy (Yeah)

Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy Download

Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy Download

Album "Blunderbuss" (2012)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy included in the album Blunderbuss [see Disk] in 2012 with a musical style Pop Rock . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Sixteen Saltines" - "Love Interruption" - "Missing Pieces" - "Freedom At 21" - "Blunderbuss" - .

Look Jack White biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "Boarding House Reach" - "Lazaretto" - "Blunderbuss" - "Another Way to Die con Alicia Keys (From "Quantum of Solace" - Single" - .

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