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They say we`re young and we don`t know

won`t find out till we grow

well i don`t know why that`s true

cause you got me baby, i got you


Babe, i got you babe, i got you, babe.

They say our love won`t pay the rent

before it`s earn`d our money`s always spent

i guess that`s so, we don`t have a pot

but at least i`m sure of all the things we got


Babe, i got you babe, i got you, babe.

i got flowers in the spring

i got you, you wear my ring

and when i`m sad, you`re a clown

and if i get scared you`re always around

and then they say your hair`s too long

but i don`t care, with you i can`t do wrong

then put your warm little hand in mine

there ain`t no hill or mountain we can`t climb


Babe, i got you babe, i got you, babe.

I got you to hold my

i got you to understand

i got you to walk with me

i got you to talk with

i got you to kiss goodnight

i got you to hold me tight

i got you i won`t let go

i got you who loves me so

i got you, babe

I Got You Babe Download

I Got You Babe Download

Album "Love Songs" (2009)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song I Got You Babe included in the album Love Songs [see Disk] in 2009 with a musical style Pop Rock . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" - "I Got You Babe" - "Kiss and Say Goodbye" - "You're Always Pulling Me Down" - "Don't Break My Heart" - .

Look UB40 biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "For The Many" - "A Real Labour of Love" - "Love Songs" - .


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