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Do you remember whenYou were way back thenYou held the world inside your handsWhen you told me loveWas the strongest stuffYour strength was innocenceBut, oh manThe signs of the time are omensYou're starting the day inNo man's land againWho are you gonna be?When you're on your knees, who do you believe?Fear is lonely manYou've been given innocenceYou've given innocence againYou should know by nowThat the darkest hour Is when your broken heart goes downIt's a better endWhen the sweet beginsGrace is sufficiencyBut, oh dear we'll never deserve itNo dear, we never could earn itNow, here the choice is yoursGrace is high and lowWe'll never be the same

Innocence Again Download

Innocence Again Download

Album "Learning to Breathe" (2000)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Innocence Again included in the album Learning to Breathe [see Disk] in 2000 with a musical style . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Innocence Again" - "I Dare You To Move lyrics" - "Learning To Breathe lyrics" - "You Already Take Me There lyrics" - "Love Is The Movement lyrics" - .

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