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Instead of feelin' bad, be glad you've got somewhere to go

Instead of feelin' sad, be happy you're not all alone

Instead of feelin' low, get high on everything that you love

Instead of wastin' time, feel good 'bout what you're dreamin' of.

Instead of tryin' to win something you never understood

Just play the game you know, eventually you'll love her good

It's silly to pretend that you have something you don't own

Just let her be your woman and you'll be her man:

Instead of feelin' broke, buck up and get yourself in the black

Instead of losin' hope, touch up the things that feel out of whack

Instead of bein' old, be young because you know you are

Instead of feelin' cold, let sunshine into your heart.

Instead of acting crazy chasin' things that make you mad

Keep your heart ahead, it'll lead you back to what you have

With every step you're closer to the place you need to be

It's up to you to let her love you sweetly:

Instead of feelin' bad be glad you've got someone to love

Instead of feelin' sad, be happy there's a god above

Instead of feelin' low, remember you're never on your own

Instead of feelin sad, be happy that she's there at home

She's waitin' for you by the phone

So be glad that she is all your own!

Get happy

She's waitin' for you by the telephone.

So get back home!

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Instead Download

Album "Bare bones" (2009)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Instead included in the album Bare bones [see Disk] in 2009 with a musical style Jazz . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Instead" - "Bare Bones" - "Damn the Circumstances" - "River of Tears" - "You Can't Do Me" - .

Look Madeleine Peyroux biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "Secular Hymns" - "The Blue Room" - "Standing on the Rooftop" - "Bare bones" - .


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