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(Cam'ron's Hey Ma playing in the background)

Girl 1: So are you fucking with him or what?

Girl2: Fucking with who?

Girl 1: Bitch, don't play dumb.. Tory

Girl 2: I mean... yeah

Girl 1: You know what I mean.. Did you...

Girl 2: Did I fu*khim? Wait yeah...but you know he used to fu*kwith my sister Keisha and then he gave me this CD and he said he know he's ready yet. But I don't even know if I should even listen to it or not...

Girl 1: Bitch, if he wrote it for you, why not?

Girl 2: I mean I guess, just.. let's play the first song

Girl 1: Alright, well...stop talkin' and let's put it in

Intro Download

Intro Download

Album "Chixtape 4" (2017)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Intro included in the album Chixtape 4 [see Disk] in 2017 with a musical style Hip Hop . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs " Intro" - "Slow Grind" - "Need a Girl" - "1 Call" - "Niggas Skit Pt. 2" - .

Look Tory Lanez biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "The New Toronto 3" - "Chixtape 5" - "MEMORIES DON'T DIE" - "Singles" - .

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