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Just your look, just your companions

Just your kiss, just your cheeks

Just your neck, just your couch

And my perfume, and my beloved

And my wrists, and my beloved

And my love

Yeah, I'm drowning in my own genius

That's what I'd like to think

That's the attitude I've taken on these type of things

A man can never own a woman, he just thinks he does

Add it to the list of the dirty shit I'm thinking up

Just tryna lighten up your mood, but you prefer it dark

Soften all of the places up that were hard

Put a couple of my kisses on your birthmarks

I think you're hiding who you are and that's the worst part

I never wanted to own you, just your neck

Just your good needs, just your two breasts

Just the good parts of you and your perfume, baby

Don't ask the sun to shine more like the moon, baby

Just your neck, just my couch

Just my perfume, and my beloved

And your wrists, just my couch

And my love

Yeah, I was just seeing double, you look like extra trouble

But I can see right through you like vodka, sneaking subtle

We spent some weeks apart, I couldn't wait to see you

But I got home and it was different, I don't believe you

You was out fucking him, you know that's just the truth

Wanted to fu*kwith you, did not know you could be so rude

But looks could be deceiving, maybe you never see me

Maybe this all is just a movie and it's just a screening

Maybe you wanted me and I don't want you anymore

Maybe I've fallen in love with everything I should ignore

Just your neck, just my couch

Just your perfume, and my beloved

And your wrists, just my couch

And my love

Yeah, maybe it's today, maybe it's tomorrow

I'm really tryna change, I'm just feeling hollow

Someone made to lead, someone made to follow

I'm all up on (?) tryna fu*ka model

Because thinking 'bout you with him made me sick

I should really beat his ass, but instead, I took your shit

You always come at me with some kind of weakness

I don't need your secrets, I don't need your deep shit

All I really need is

Just your neck, just my couch

Just your perfume, and my beloved

And your wrists, just my couch

And my love

My Beloved Download

My Beloved Download

Album "Mansionz" (2017)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song My Beloved included in the album Mansionz [see Disk] in 2017 with a musical style Soul . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Snoozefest" - "My Beloved" - "Stfu (feat. Spark Master Tape)" - "Dennis Rodman (feat. Dennis Rodman)" - "I'm Thinking About Horses" - .

Look mansionz biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "Mansionz" - .

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