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Non-Partial, Non Political lyrics


This is Jah Love, InI been waiting

And now InI found, Non-partial non-political

I love to laugh at all these partial minds

When they try to explain how I'm wrong

And they're right

Everyone act as if they know everything

They act as if they've seen what no man has seen

Each Religion claim to have true faith

Not one of you can say that you know my destiny

Some things are just best left up to HIM.


InI have seen the truth, we are all created

Equal no difference from me to you

No difference from me to you

Every man is born naked, supremacist agree

But see they fake it. You spill all of this

Blood only to fight, you fight to prove

You living to fight, proclaim superiority and waste

My time, you may fool the majority but no the Most



Jah is one perfect love, until the philosophy

Which holds one race superior and another

Inferior is finally and permanently discredited and

Abandoned there will war everyday

Jah is why we are all blessed, this Iniverse was

Created for man to live in peace concord

And happiness and the word of Haile Selassie

Is a blessing yes.

Jah is the unsearchable entity, no discussion

Underway over his divinity, Oh lord, there is much

More to see but nothing to prove, no need to worry

Rastaman got lots to do with Jah Love!

Haile I selassie I

Non-Partial, Non Political lyrics Download

Non-Partial, Non Political lyrics Download

Album "Peace In A Time Of War" (2003)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Non-Partial, Non Political lyrics included in the album Peace In A Time Of War [see Disk] in 2003 with a musical style reggae . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Revolution lyrics" - "Non-Partial, Non Political lyrics" - "Look Within lyrics" - "Rasta Courage lyrics" - "Peace In A Time Of War lyrics" - .

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