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Each and every breath we take

A step towards death

And the moon is pale

And we might have seen something

But we ain't seen nothing yet

And I may have dreamt it

Or it may have happened

When I stood right here

Waiting for a sign

For me to walk away

But I give in so easy

And I give up instantly

I chase what is gone

And my friends are gettin' tired

Of the shit that I pull

They say Why do you love those

Who turn you into a fool?

Why do you let them get to you?

You should have been running

When you chose to stay

Now I feel so far away

From the person I once was

Though our love wasn't love

You can tell yourself so many things

And nothing has to be true

Did you wake up last night

Drenched in your old sweat and tears

No, it's not always easy

You get lost countin' the years

Since you last felt like you were home

Since you last felt like you were home

Since you last felt like you were home

Oh, I thought you were home

Nothing Has to Be True Download

Nothing Has to Be True Download

Album "Ruins" (2017)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Nothing Has to Be True included in the album Ruins [see Disk] in 2017 with a musical style Pop Rock . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Rebel Heart" - "It's a Shame" - "Fireworks" - "Postcard" - "To Live a Life" - .

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