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(Chorus: Pusha T)

We off the grid, grid, grid

This for my kid, kid, kid, kid

Everything weand#8197;didand#8197;for the criband#8197;did here

Lap dances (?)

All on Pageand#8197;Six with these chicks

Chi-Town kids with these sticks

We scream Blackand#8287;Livesand#8287;Matter

Butand#8287;ain't nobody showand#8287;them like this

Alland#8287;I ever did was take risk

Just for you to point and take pics

Billion dollars made the Forbes list

But when I said y'all ignored it (grid, grid, grid)

(Verse: Pusha T)

Black man still can't breathe

Granddaddy still can't win

Told Braun I know his place

Grandmamas cooked and cleaned

Look at what 2020 bring

Feeling like we march with King

Told y'all to hold God's hand

Wasn't tryna to sell no dream

You ain't heard til' you make a scene

Now its cool to burn down things

It's funny how I told my truth

Still ended up y'all's meal

(Outro: Pusha T)

Off the grid, grid, grid (grid, grid, grid)

Off the Grid Download

Off the Grid Download

Album "DONDA" (2021)

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