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A picture of Amsterdam

Bare trees under glass

Framed in the afternoon light

Of a winter long past

When I was a raiser

To Dublin I'd roam

She was a bareback rider

Some miles from home

Come back to me

She's a carnival driver

Hung in the sky

Cutting through time like a memory

Strung on a wire

The color of anything

Fades in the air

But she is the film of a book of the story

Of the smell of her hair

Come back to me

When every thing's over

And every thing's clear

When everyone's older

And no one is here

I try to remember

A girl on a wire

Tumbling and diving above Stephen's Green

Like a kite on the air

Come back to me

On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago Download

On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago Download

Album "Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings" (2008)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago included in the album Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings [see Disk] in 2008 with a musical style Pop rock . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "1492" - "Hanging Tree" - "Los Angeles" - "Sundays" - "Insignificant" - .

Look Counting Crows biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "Somewhere Under Wonderland" - "Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow" - "Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings" - "The Best Of" - .

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