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Time to settle the score

He's loaded to feel their remorse

Steadfast strong that's for sure

The deal of his life takes its course

No giving in

They don't understand

They get to give up and to meet his demands

Count down coming your way

He's the last to obey

Watch him seizing the day

Redeemer - redeemer of souls

There's no holding him back

The ransom announces his deeds

He's not cutting you slack

Just taking what ever he needs

Diamonds for eyes

As he begins

On that two wheeler from hell on the wind

Now he's setting the tune

They know the stare down is soon

Vengeance comes at high noon

Redeemer of souls

On the skyline

The stranger draws near

Feel the heat and he's shaking with fear

Countdown coming your way

He's the last to obey

Watch him seizing the day

Redeemer of souls

Redeemer Of Souls Download

Redeemer Of Souls Download

Album "Redeemer of Souls" (2014)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Redeemer Of Souls included in the album Redeemer of Souls [see Disk] in 2014 with a musical style Heavy Metal . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Dragonaut" - "Redeemer Of Souls" - "Halls Of Valhalla" - "Sword Of Damocles" - "March Of The Damned" - .

Look Judas Priest biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "FIREPOWER" - "Redeemer of Souls" - "Touch Of Evil: Live" - "Nostradamus" - .

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