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Yeah, think about me, baby, oh

Think about me, baby, oh
Montana, wanna see me fall
(La música de Harry Fraud)
This gon' rock the fall with 'em
You wanna see me fall
Like the seasons, both fall in fall
Like the trees, it's gon' fall with 'em, oh
Don't know what it cost
That's why I'm saucy, yeah
Suit on like I'm Rothstein, yeah
I'm so saucy
Montana so saucy, yeah
One life, live it up, hate strong, fillin' up
Engine sound like a twelve cylinder
Net worth, top demand, sneeze, I drop a band
Stunt like Muslim, I don't eat, I cop the Lam'
When I get hot head and cold feet
I got heat 'em up
Facilitate, disintegrate through the
Harry Truman in that presidential suite
Or Keanu Reeves in that white 'Rari speedin' (Skrrt)
You know I'm comin' when you hear the trunk
Chain clickin' and it got choppers if you duck the punches (Punches)
I don't do the brunches
Or yoga with Russell, I do
Batch house with crunches
I'm in the back, black with duffels
Ice chilly, blind your left eye (Eye), milli' up
Heart full of fire, gasoline
Drugs through that hail storm
You don't skate like ice on herringbone
Stony, I practice it, West Indian OV (Woo)
Tryna change my ways
Tryna play my play
Think about me, baby
Change my ways
Tryna play my play (Yeah)
Think about me, baby (Ayy)
Food for thought, cleaned the dishes, breakfast, lunch and dinner
Moved with the yay', Kris Jenner
South Bronx, Bronx boogie, Dirk Diggler, Boogie Nights
Money orders for my dawgs in the feds doin' life
Table full of white
Now it's commas for my vocal point
Yachts by the shoreline, foreigns like the borderline
Your bitch down low, that's an app
You could burn bridges or bridge the gap
I'm playin' Chinese chess
Ninety-nine mil' just to even the odds
Built with the gods
Never gossip, young Picasso
We the lynch mob with the night vision goggles (Woo)
My alliance feed the lions
Brainwash 'em 'til it's free to buy it
Conclusion, your reality become illusion
Ayy, I see you gaspin', feel that media
'Til you gaspin' for air, your friends leavin' ya
You ain't remotely close, but they control you
Montana, I been pimpin' like I'm Goldie
Chain gang, free my brother chain
Me and Max go back like rubber slang
Tense on you, flame, broil, it blow your mind
Tried to blind me but I still see through my loyal eye
Yeah, think about me, baby
Yeah, oh
Wanna see me fall
Like the seasons, both fall
Don't know what it cost
That's why I'm saucy, yeah
Suit on like I'm Rothstein, yeah
I'm so saucy
Montana so saucy, yeah

Saucy Download

Saucy Download

Album "MONTANA" (2019)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Saucy included in the album MONTANA [see Disk] in 2019 with a musical style Pop Rock . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Montana" - "Suicide Doors" - "50's & 100's feat. Juicy J" - "What It Look Like" - "Lifestyle" - .

Look French Montana biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "They Got Amnesia" - "MONTANA" - "Singles" - "Jungle Rules" - .


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