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Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing

Ring ting tingle-ing too

Come on, it's lovely weather

For a sleigh ride together with you

Outside the snow is falling

And friends are calling You Hoo

Come on, it's lovely weather

For a sleigh ride together with you

Giddy-yap giddy-yap giddy-yap let's go

Let's look at the snow

We're riding in a wonderland of snow

Giddy-yap giddy-yap giddy-yap it's grand

Just holding your hand

We're gliding along with the song of a wintry fairy land

Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we

We're snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be

Let's take the road before us and sing a chorus or two

Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

There's a birthday party at the home of Farmer Gray

It'll be the perfect ending of a perfect day

We'll be singing the songs we love to sing without a single stop

At the fireplace while we watch the chestnuts pop

Pop! Pop! Pop!

There's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy

When they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie

It'll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and Ives

These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives

Sleigh Ride Download

Sleigh Ride Download

Album "Santa Claus Lane" (2002)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Sleigh Ride included in the album Santa Claus Lane [see Disk] in 2002 with a musical style pop rock internacional . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Santa Claus Lane" - "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" - "I Heard Santa On The Radio" - "Jingle Bell Rock" - "Sleigh Ride" - .

Look Hilary Duff biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "Sparks" - "Breathe In. Breathe Out." - "All About You" - "Chasing the Sun" - .

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