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Snitches (Snitches) feat. Ty Dolla Sign lyrics


Snitches (Snitches) feat. Ty Dolla Sign lyrics Listen Song lyrics -


I used to be good

Now I'm a sellout

Fuck yeah


(Say she wanna be held like a mink in the winter, no no

She ask me how do I feel, how do I feel, no no

You know snitches get stitches (snitches get snitches)

Ignorance is bliss, can a nigga get a witness?

I'll tell you what

I ain’t gotta trick on nothing, no no

I ain't tripping on you, I ain't tripping, I ain't tricking on you

They be tricking on you but I ain't tricking on you

They be snitching telling me all about you

I'ma take my time, that's what a nigga gonna do

I ain't tripping I ain't tricking on you, they be tricking on you

But I ain't tricking on you

They told me all about you, oh no)

You ain't gotta plan on it

Me sitting on a stand with a bible with a hand on it

They be talking like the man on it

You can play the tape and understand what he saying on it

Niggas sounding like Sam on it, Teflon Don why you sticking to the band homie

From a good fella to a teller

Niggas jumping dimes in the bags in the bands on it

I'ma just land on it

Plant my flag like a moon with a man on it

They be singing to the choir with a wire

But this the eighteen gold chains with the van on it

This the eighteen gold chains with the van on it

Life is a beach with some sand and a tan on it

But it's getting too high

Spread the money out now look like a fan on it


Now if you only love me for the money

Then that mean you gon leave if they come and take it from me

Now I ain't saying I ain't Fort Knox

But you never know who be at the do' when the door knock

That's why we keep the door locked

Keep an open mind but I ain't messing with the door stops

God forbid that the dough stop

If the paper wrinkle we can hit it with the Botox

Nigga get fo' shots smelling new money call it their nose jobs

And we been working for it so hard

Best believe we ain't hurting for a blowjob

Why you twerking for it so hard?

Working with them people for some gold y'all

Keep my mind on them gold bars

Crucial crucial crucial go hard


Independent women get the all cool

Gold digging bitches get the door foo

Don't misinterpret what you're hearing

I ain't tryna get out, I'm tryna put some years in

And ya gotta lay a foundation

Break it down basic can't play around payin

Niggas ain't saying they ain't makin downpayments

But when they ain't at the station (?) make statements


Snitches (Snitches) feat. Ty Dolla Sign Download

Snitches (Snitches) feat. Ty Dolla Sign Download

Album "Tetsuo and youth" (2013)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Snitches (Snitches) feat. Ty Dolla Sign included in the album Tetsuo and youth [see Disk] in 2013 with a musical style Hip Hop . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Old School Love feat. Ed Sheeran" - "Snitches (Snitches) feat. Ty Dolla Sign" - "Thorns And Horns feat. Ab-Soul" - .

Look Lupe Fiasco biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "DROGAS Light" - "Battle Scars" - "Tetsuo and youth" - "Food & Liquor II" - .

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