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(Letra de Te Boté Remix (Solo Version))


Uah, Real Hasta La Muerte baby, Anuel

Se viste to' de rojo porque es una diablita (diablita)

Hija e' lucifer (uah), tu ere' una diabla, y te ensuciaste en otra piel

To' la mierda que tu hablas (uah), to' se murio, mala mujer

Y ya tu a mi me endiabla y pa'l carajo te boté baby


Pa'l carajo te boté, yo te boté

Te di banda y te solté, yo te solté

Tú ere' un periódico de ayer, yo te olvidé

Y ya yo no te vo'a leer, te vo'a leer

(Uah, Anuel)


El amor se murió otra ve'

Gaste cien mil en el AP, te frontié (uah)

Ya tú no eres la bebé (la bebé)

Ya dentro de otra bebé me enterré

Baby, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton)

Y la baby se operó en Medellín (Medellín)

Uah (uah), 'toy mordio

Te mande pa'tra pa'l caserío (haha)

Uah, y tu gato jodi'o (jodi'o)

Y yo en el Rolls Royce en lo mío (en lo mío)

Uah, bebesita, lo que se murió no resucita (amen)




Siempre con la glope, la nalga con como Jennifer Lopez (haha)

Real Hasta la Muerte ¿oi'te bebé?


Mera dime Casper

Los Intocables, Los Iluminati

Mera dime Nío

Real Hasta la Muerte ¿oi'te bebé?

Mera dime Luian

Mera dime Gaby Music


Mera dime Martino

Mera dime Movie

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(Lyrics from "Te Boté Remix (Solo Version)")


Uah, Real Hasta La Muerte baby, Anuel

She dresses all in red because she's a little devil (little devil)

Daughter and 'lucifer (uah), you are one Devil, and you got dirty in another skin

To 'the shit that you speak (uah), to' died, bad woman

And you already devils me and for the hell I threw you out baby

(Chorus) For the

hell I threw you out , I threw you out, I gave

you a band and released you, I released you

You are a newspaper from yesterday, I forgot you

And I will not read you anymore, I will read you

(Uah, Anuel)


Love he died another go '

I spent a hundred thousand on the AP, I beat you (uah)

You're not the baby anymore (the baby)

Already inside another baby I buried myself

Baby, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton)

And the baby had surgery in Medellín (Medellín)

Uah (uah), 'toy bite

I send you pa'tra pa'l farmhouse (haha)

Uah, and your cat Fucked (Fucked)

And I in the Rolls Royce in mine (in mine)

Uah, baby, what died does not rise again (amen)




Always with the glope, the buttock with like Jennifer Lopez (haha)

Real Hasta la Muerte, did you hear baby?


Mera tell me Casper

The Untouchables, The Illuminati

Mera tell me

Real Child Until Death, did you hear baby?

Mera tell me Luian

Mera tell me Gaby Music


Mera tell me Martino

Mera tell me Movie

Te Bote Remix Download

Te Bote Remix Download

Album "Singles" (2018)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Te Bote Remix included in the album Singles [see Disk] in 2018 with a musical style Reggaeton . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "In My Feelings spanish version" - "Tu no amas" - "Te Bote Remix" - "Intocable" - "Button" - .

Look Anuel AA biography and discography with all his recordings. His music can be found at their "Los Dioses" - "Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren" - "EMMANUEL" - "Real Hasta la Muerte" - .


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