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(Verse 1:)

I had five hundred grams in fifty-fifty-eight bags

Four-hundred Benz eight-thousand in cash.

Then the ball dropped, GUN POPPED! - Bank$ got blast!

I make it so HOT! - One shot'll melt your ass!

GOT POPPED UP! - Probably till my eyes turned red

Told myself in the mirror nigga you ain't dead!

I'm far from eccentric, I'm so PSYCHOTIC

I don't need you to shoot for me, nigga I GOT IT!

When you see me in the hood - muhfucker don't talk to me!

'Less you wan' talk about usin' a Hawk for me.

When Al blew Black away I had 'em on some stupid shit

Then my rap shit WORKED! - Now I'm super stupid rich!

All I do is stunt now! - I'm so Maybach!

There I go frontin' again I meant to say laid back!

GO 'HEAD! Move wreckless get banged for necklace

I serve 'em with the Semi feed 'em a clip for breakfast.


You want some? - Come get some!

Nigga it's murder one, when I toss my gun!

You might see me let it off, you might see me run!

But you won't see shit time the police come! - Huh?

You want some? - Come get some!

Nigga it's murder one when you see my gun!

I jus' squeeze and squeeze 'til the whole clip done!

You jus' bleed and bleed till the police come! - Huh? You want some?

(Verse 2:)

I got a 8th of dope left (phone rings) half a pound of purple

Shooters in my circle! - TRY ME I let 'em murk you!

Got more guns than a gun store, beefin' what you want boy

You wan' be nice to me? ! - You wan' shoot dice with me? !

You want a ace on purpose? ! - Why you so nervous?

Nigga we from the same hood! - We come from the same shit!

You got gonorrhea too, we fucked with the same bitch!

Gettin' money is necessary so me I'm a visionary!

And I'm sayin' that house - should be a crackhouse!

Now see it how I see it; or I bring the Straps out!

The Tec and the Mack out! - The Sig and the Taurus!

The Coke and that Heckler - then nigga we warin'!

I let my pistol speak for me and all of 'em foreign.

Click-clack! - Comprende? I'm criminal minded!

Toss money in the sewer! - Bet nobody find it!

Till it's rusty and fucked up, forensics have fun! - What?

(Repeat Chorus:)


Come get it, I'm strapped now, I'm with it!

Come get it! (echoes)

Huh, you want some?

Come get it, I'm strapped now, I'm with it!

Fuck that nigga! (gun cocks)

Huh, you want some?

The Invitation Download

The Invitation Download

Album "Before I Self Destruct" (2009)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song The Invitation included in the album Before I Self Destruct [see Disk] in 2009 with a musical style Hip Hop . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "The Invitation" - "Then Days Went By" - "Death To My Enemies" - "So Disrespectful" - "Psycho feat. Eminem)" - .

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