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Do the Wall Street shuffle

Hear the money rustle

Watch the greenbacks tumble

Feel the Sterling crumble

You need a yen to make a mark

If you wanna make money

You need the luck to make a buck

If you wanna be Getty, Rothschild

You've gotta be cool on Wall Street

You've gotta be cool on Wall Street

When your index is low

Dow Jones ain't got time for the bums

They wind up on skid row with holes in their pockets

They plead with you, buddy can you spare the dime

But you ain't got the time

Doin' the....

Doin' the....

Oh, Howard Hughes

Did your money make you better?

Are you waiting for the hour

When you can screw me?

'Cos you're big enough

To do the Wall Street Shuffle

Let your money hustle

Bet you'd sell your mother

You can buy another

Doin' the....

Doin' the....

You buy and sell

You wheel and deal

But you're living on instinct

You get a tip

You follow it

And you make a big killing

On Wall Street

Wall Street Shuffle Download

Wall Street Shuffle Download

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