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i kissed my mother

shook the hand of my brother

and i said goodbye to the woman i loved

it may seem like a madness

to be leaving the love nest

but i'm taking a chance on a place far away

welcome to paradise

who said you can't live twice

you will find heaven is here on earth

welcome to paradise

did somebody say . . .

there's a coup coming on

there's a coup coming on

there's a coup coming on

there's a coup coming on

a coup coming on

bad vibrations (there's a coup coming on)

feeling the tension (there's a coup coming on)

no smoke without fire (there's a coup coming on)

i could smell the danger

never dance with a stranger

but the music took me and soon i was lost

so i questioned a lady

but her answers were crazy

and before i knew i was counting the cost

Welcome To Paradise Download

Welcome To Paradise Download

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