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Who do you love lyrics

You’re a mystery to me
Got me blind so I can’t see
Where I stand
I’m in your hands

Who do you love
Is it me or just yourself
Who do you love oh
Do you need anyone else
’Cause I’ve tried and tried
To read your mind
Who do you love
Who do you love
I want to know

Ooh you make me twist and turn
But you don’t care how much I burn
My world falls down
When you’re around


We should be together
(Je veux être avec toi)
But you’re taking me apart
(Je ne sais pas pourquoi)
I want to be yours forever
(C’est la vérité)
But you’re making it too hard


Who do you love Download

Who do you love Download

Album "Free" (2008)

Now you can Play the official video or lyrics video for the song Who do you love included in the album Free [see Disk] in 2008 with a musical style Dance . The Top of lyrics of this CD are the songs "Ella ella l' a" - "Tonight we ride" - "Voyage, voyage" - "I surrender" - "Who do you love" - .

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