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(Hook x2)

Go low, go slow

Run like a polo

A banana pole

Like you’re goin up a yo-yo


Yea, yea, Y.O.L.O

Yea, yea, Y.O.L.O

Guns go off when I enter the building

(Bridge x4)


(Verse 1)

I drink some control

Keep it in my poncho

Light up like Castro

Blow up and get go

Pro when I set, go

Grow like an afro

Play like Ronaldo

Hard like I'm Death Row

Weight in kilo

Light as a pillow

Don’t tie my tip-toe

Like I tae-box though


Come come come

When we come with some some

Yeah a glass of rum

Yea I got me some pom pom

For fun fun fun

Let's get 'em undone

With a hit on the bong

It’s been so long since we hung

(Hook x2)

(Bridge x2)

(Verse 2)

Yeah! Empty wowo

And I am understood

I get the lo-lo

Searching for me unfold

Bankin’ offshore

Take a trip to Singapore

I need to earn like

I'm Julianne Moore

For the oracle

Don’t wanna igno

That’s why I say shit

So they can explore

My baby, I am more

My mommy I adore

I tried to stay poor

Can’t take it anymore




(Bridge x3)

(Verse 3)

Y.A.L.A. Y.A.L.A

I’m flying solo (Y.A.L.A.)

You can take a photo

I’mma keep it wowo (Y.A.L.A.)

(Bridge x2)




I don’t even know anymore

What that even mean though

If you only live once why we keep doing the same shit?

Back home where I come from we keep being born again and again and then again and again

That’s why they invented Karma

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Y.A.L.A Download

Album "Matangi" (2013)

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