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Adexe & Nau from With 23 years old ,With a Music Pop Rock style. He has 4 albums added , 40 song lyrics and 10399 hits. Last album added added Dando el Corazón in year 2019 with the lyrics "Tu Chica" . Use the Song search engine .

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1 Sólo Amigos lyrics translate
spain (2017)
She doesn't understand that I only want to be her friend and then she gets angry with me she doesn't understand that I only want to be her friend and we seem like enemies (x2) I only ask her to understand, that although I know she tries , the only thing we are going to have will be storms
2 Es Amor lyrics translate
How a rainbow can bloom A sweet look like honey It's any smile in a sunset (ouu yehh) A feeling that I can't understand Something that slowly fills me and feeling this I know I can't fear
3 No Me Dejes Así lyrics translate
FT. CALI & EL DANDEE COVER)' Video Do n't Leave Me Like This (Felipe Santos ft. Cali & El Dandee ) I will forget It is not necessary to give reasons, Remember the nights Thousands of songs 15 years and we learned what it is to love without conditions Friday after school, give me hearts On Febru
4 Andas en Mi Cabeza lyrics translate
My eyes give me away Play the fool so that If I don't care about anything I'd rather live and lose Than not have lived anything If you leave I'll be left in pain That I never knew Like sand in the wind Without a compass without direction Stepped on and thirsty The same as to see a hum
5 Hasta el Amanecer lyrics translate
What's your name I don't know where you came from I didn't even ask The only thing I know is that I want with you Stay with you until dawn What's your name I don't know where you came from I didn't ask The only thing I know is that I want with you Stay with you until dawn Listen to
6 Atrévete lyrics translate
spain (2018)
(Intro) Let's not let time pass If you take risks, you will see more than we are capable of Your look gives you away, the desire is killing you Time is running out Don't keep resisting, baby (Chorus) The night is good To dance without sorrow And be hesitating Dare because nobody knows u
7 El Momento lyrics translate
Today I saw you, again in photos I know all your poses I keep liking, you answer me I react, playing crazy Although in person I don't know what you look like We can only see each other if you want And once and for all we lose the desire In the intimacy To make it a reality now is the t
8 Tú y Yo lyrics translate
Ooooooh Adexe and Nau You and me To infinity baby, let yourself go. I like being the owner of your thoughts the image of your room and your notebook but what I like the most is the way you look at me with your eyes so bright you have come to hypnotize me and I can't stop thinking ab
9 Soñando Contigo lyrics translate
I've thought of you so many times that I don't know if now Because in my world there are more friends to take care of And like a madman I tell myself It's possible that I can imagine so much If I don't have you with me But I know that my day wouldn't be the same Yes I won't dream of yo
10 Nunca Llorarás lyrics translate
Because you are so mean? that I give everything for you and you don't give me anything and I don't... I don't want tomorrow I won't let this weekend pass if you tell me that if you won't regret it I swear to love you until the end. and you will never cry, I promise you because this love is
11 En Otro Mundo Diferente lyrics translate
I met her somewhere And I wanted to make her fall in love Between mists and divinity She said she couldn't love me Then I discovered her world and her reality And I discovered what she felt in that darkness I entered her mind so different and transparent And that's how she made me halluci
13 Podemos Ser Felices lyrics translate
You didn't say you were going to forget me But I didn't give you reasons to hate me I did nothing but remind you (yeah) My heart has longed for you every moment (AyN) It ​​doesn't take much to be happy With what we said before leaving The joy it comes if you make an effort to lau
14 Muy Lento lyrics translate
Yeah (Yeah) A&N Are you ready? Hahaha Woo! Look how we're doing it We're very close This is our moment (Wuh, look) Look how we're doing it The babys enjoy it with this movement, slow (Rra!) You will be my fortune (Yeah) Like you don't there is none (Aja) If you wan
15 Navegando lyrics translate
Go upstairs I'll take you You know how slowly the hours go by When you spend them with who you fall in love with And you feel that everything is valued You know that there will be nothing like it They say that love is no longer in fashion That what we did evaporates But you know that I don'
16 Emoji lyrics translate
Yeah, Adexe e Nau Hahahaha, Emojis Ohu Yeah, ohu yeah ouooh Vamos lá Eles vão pintar seu céu Eles vão te dar momentos inigualáveis ​​Eles são mais que seus companheiros E eles te seguem onde quer que você vá Me dê cinco Você vai ver que você nunca vai esqueça Você vai
17 Te Estoy Haciendo Enloquecer lyrics translate
spain (2017)
(Adexe) La la la la la Woah oh oh oh oh I know you follow me and you always carry me so inside you that your parents don't even flinch when you talk to them about me (Nau) You say I'm very hard looking for my future, marking my terrain in each musical note I intuit, that you say that
18 Por Fin Te Encontré lyrics translate
If you knew that I would die for you That I love you, I love you, I love you If you knew what I have waited for you That I love you, I love you I love you I love you And they told me they saw you alone Why are you alone? Leave the past and let me be the one who makes you fall in love And
19 Es Para Mí Señorita lyrics translate
Oooh, oohhh She makes me sigh uohh With that way of looking uohh The girl of my dreams the one who steals my thoughts I'm going to stop time to tell her what I feel It's for me miss like I never imagined It's for me miss, says my heart I just want to be with you together just one sunset
20 Juntos en Jumanji lyrics translate
I did not know that his world was real and I did not stop dreaming of being a hero and thus being able to save you without thinking about anything else . All this adventure we are living leaves us breathless and today in the jungle I swear we are going to shout it Together in Jumanji t
21 Grita lyrics translate
Adexe & Nau With you Looking for illusion I know you think you can't take it anymore But you have reasons to fight Even if everything fails there is always someone who can love you Close your eyes and begin to imagine What you feel As the water falls on your skin That wets you and Ref
22 Esto No Es Sincero lyrics translate
Ay, ay, ay, yeah A and N Mau Y Ricky This is not sincere, baby Yeah We were only days And she told me that I sweetened her life with my voice Until it was all over It took me so long to get her out of my mind When my tears dried alone with her goodbye Now she wants
24 En Mi Corazón lyrics translate
Yeah Izan Llunas A and N In my heart (Jah) I live dreaming of her love And I carry her scent with me She has me hypnotized (Jah) Sometimes I hear her voice And I know I lose my mind Because she wasn't by my side A look of she blinds me, leads me to a sentence
25 Cintura con cintura lyrics translate
Uh-oh Ieh-yeh Oh-uoh Sitting on the sand and under the sun (Sun) The breeze caresses us, the immense passion, hmm What we are feeling now is called heat And I'll stay with you here, the two of us very close Waist to waist That movement that drives me crazy so close Waist
26 Baila Conmigo lyrics translate
Dance with me, mmm Dance with me, yeeah A and N Indisputable, baby! Aja I know your heart aches And that you lost even your faith (See) But I want to show you that I can love you (Aja) And when you feel cold I'll be your coat Listen to this song is what I ask of you
27 Sorry (feat. Iván Troyano) lyrics translate
You have to go face my honesty like this You know that I try to apologize that they are not given to me I hope that it is the moment and I can transmit it to you Because it is telling the truth that you deserve I know that you know the mistakes that I have sometimes When I say sometimes I
28 Bella lyrics translate
Yeah Adexe and Nau Yeah, yeah Undisputed, baby! I saw her yesterday (Oh-oh) I couldn't believe it (Yeah) But I didn't tell her anything Now I can't wait (Nou, nou, nou, nou) I keep counting the hours to see you If you ask me I'll run away from classes Life gave me the
29 Retrato lyrics translate
Yeah Oh-oh Adexe & Nau Do you want a portrait? It doesn't matter where you go, I'm very daring That's why everyone wants to go with me I touch the sky along with this sound A perfect day that we will witness If they find me, they always approach me Wow-oh, with the cell
30 Vamo' a Darle lyrics translate
A and N Yeh They Everyone is listening to it This sounds and goes like this They gently move their waists They dance slowly to their rhythm Baby, dance with me, dance with me That all the people were here Dance with me, dance with me Come my People Let's give it
31 De Verdad ft. Abraham Mateo lyrics translate
Yeah-yeah Abraham Mateo Oh-uoh Adexe and Nau Indisputable, Baby It could be, it could be, it could be That I inadvertently neglected you But I know, but I know, but I know That I still love you the same or more than yesterday What does it matter, what It doesn't matter
32 Dame Sabor lyrics translate
Oh, oh, oh Ooh, ooh Oh, oh, oh Ooh, ooh Oh, oh, oh Ooh, ooh Yeah-eh Oh, oh, oh Life I already know that at this moment You have lost your joy That your nights are longer And also much colder That the feeling hurts so much And that you go crazy That no o
33 Emoji lyrics translate
Yeah, Adexe and Nau Hahahaha, Emojis Ohu Yeah, ohu yeah ouooh Let's Go They will paint your sky They will give you unparalleled moments They are more than your companions And they follow you wherever you go Give me Five You will see that you will never forget it You w
34 Tu Chica lyrics translate
Yeah (Yeah, yeah) A and N (A and N, A and N) Indisputable (-tibles, -tibles) We come to drive people crazy We bring something different The heat is already felt, we are present If you don't make me dance it won't go to make your girl Your girl The party does not end it alwa
35 Diferente lyrics translate
Even if you want to have me Tell me what makes you think that I am different I am not different Never trust me Pay attention to people And I wonder why you chose me, knowing that I am the way I am the bad one for you I do not know reciprocate, that I am a poor unhappy per
36 Ya Estamos en Navidad lyrics translate
It's so nice to breathe in the morning Christmas when it knocks on your window Santa Claus with the reindeer is coming To give away smiles, to whoever is losing it It makes me happy to see the snow falling The lights on the street, the children running Don't miss food , to whoeve
37 El Problema lyrics translate
Don't remind us, I will . Although I shouldn't. In love I lost again, I fell again. And as soon as I saw you, I knew it wasn't good to meet you Her name combines with problem And her kisses rhyme with pain. Because nobody dies for love, but jealousy kills you. You
38 Escondido ft Robleis lyrics translate
Yes, we've been around so many people for a while, let's get out of here to have you for me I want to eat you, touch your body, have you close Mommy, ours is a secret, keep it quiet and let no one know Towards a hidden place, we're leaving That he doesn't care anymore to be alone
39 Sé que te gusta lyrics translate
It's about time you admit what's happening. You look for me all the time and you want to deny it, although while your eyes give you away, you want me for something else. And no matter how much you hide it by saying no to whoever asks, Anyone finds out And you and I, what are we playing

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