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Ambkor from With 23 years old ,With a Music Hip Hop style. He has 6 albums added , 20 song lyrics and 4539 hits. Last album added added Singles in year 2020 with the lyrics "SI ME CREES" . Use the Song search engine .

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3 Verte otra vez lyrics translate
[Enter] Oh ... We have done it again ... Ambkor ... And you don't ... It is what they are, they say ... [Ambkor] I miss you, I smoke in the park, it's nothing new, bring me your body and I will read it to you in braille, with how beautiful she got for the dance. How do I get drunk and late
5 Viento lyrics translate
[Ambkor] Do the words are gone with the wind, you are not taken away because you have no word, sorry. They are honestly missing, in this, by the way, Rap is not bullshit for you to treat it so badly with those texts. I detest you, I'm not talking about sex, I practice it with the instrumental
7 Temblando lyrics translate
spain (2020)
[Enter] Yeah ... We have done it again ... [Ambkor] Born to die expressing, They say that the sun rises a little when I sing, They say I take out what you're holding and you don't say because every time you speak that crying invades you. From so many tears I have become a ship, and now I a
19 La Tormenta lyrics translate
That day has come, I can feel the drops That day when they speak to you and you feel they are wrong The soul is still there, but it is broken And I don't know why it breaks if it hides if touched I feel alone without being alone Like the castaway who already He doesn't look at the
20 SI ME CREES lyrics translate
We've done it again (We've done it again) We always do (We always do) Come on What's inside that little head? What fears have come to pay you a visit? I guess you can't see the light Even if the bedside light turns on you I guess you've thought about crazy things like giving u

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