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C-kan from With 22 years old ,With a Music Hip Hop style. He has 4 albums added , 43 song lyrics and 14218 hits. Last album added added Mi cancion in year 2021 with the lyrics "De Noche" . Use the Song search engine .

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5 T Por l ft. Mozart La Para lyrics translate
(C-Kan) Now you are suffering for him Not as much as I did for you yesterday I will I understand that you want to come back But I'm sorry I wasn't the one who failed. (Mozart La Para) Now you are suffering for him Not as much as I did for you yesterday I will understand that you want to return
39 Transparente lyrics translate
I am transparent like water White like dust that smells Dark like a loggerhead And bullets fly like smoke Like the money that is spent The line that is sucked in, the police do not look at us And those who wake up on the street With a life It 's not enough for us, death is on tour The fame
40 Pesadilla en el Cielo lyrics translate
Aha Any resemblance to reality It's the C-Kan I open my eyes, I don't know if it was a nightmare Next to my bed there is a bottle of pills 'It's empty, memories come to me suddenly The nausea, the pain, my hand touches my front I repeat "it was real, I sure talked to God If it was the de
43 Toma 4 lyrics translate
Mexico (2018)
(Intro) Is one armed or what? One no, about two Oi just that cumbin, woo The police that don't shit, I want to smoke Turn on the cell phones, wow how am I going to go crazy, haha ​​(Verse 1) They were doing badly, you can tell when they name me If the sun shines on them, they

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