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Duki from / Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires , Argentina (ar) With 25 years old ,With a Music Hip Hop style. He has 6 albums added , 69 song lyrics and 9585 hits. Last album added added Temporada De Reggaetón 2 in year 2022 with the lyrics "Esto Recién Empieza ft Emilia" . Use the Song search engine .

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2 Bailando Te Conocí lyrics translate
(Intro: Rusherking) (Dancing I met you Dancing I met you) This is the Big One (Pre-Chorus: Rusherking) Why do you say that there is nothing between you and me? If desire is winning over you If you're imagining me there, yah (Chorus: Rusherking) Mommy, let's stop pretending If you cal
3 Pintao lyrics translate
I got into the studio and recorded an intro I know it's a stick just with the demo Here we rap 'and we talk' about zero ' If there's no money we won't talk', nor do we see ' I have to wear what I want Renaissance like Donatello Mis theme 'are painting' 'Tan pa'l museum I'm the Da Vinci co
4 Malbec lyrics translate
I arrived in the city and they received me as if I were a boss More and more sticky 'and I don't even know how it happened Today we celebrated and my team came out champion Inside the party, outside' and my voice is heard in the street I arrived in the city and they received me As if it were
5 Hijo de la Noche lyrics translate
spain (2017)
(Intro: Ysy A) Duki, Ysy A CRO (Pre-Chorus: Duki, Ysy A, CRO) You know how I am, that I live at night (how I am) That I do not think about na ', only waste (only in waste) Mommy, I'm going very fast, I don't want a Porsche (Porsche) Mommy, I want what I have and what I'm looking for (I, I
7 Ley De Atracción lyrics translate
Wherever I go, she is I doubt they can separate us We attract each other, like a magnet I gave her light and she swore loyalty 'Tamo' stuck 'by the force of the polo' (Of the polo ') As the horse' in all 'My Polo garments (Polo Garments) Like your name when I sing it in a choir (Duko) W
10 Muriéndome lyrics translate
Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah (Yeah) Yeah-yeah-yeah To 'this money is useless if you are not there I feel that nothing fills me if you are not there And I apologize (Sorry) for not knowing what to do With me I no longer make sense of the situation Sometimes I feel that I love you and sometim
11 Chico Estrella lyrics translate
spain (2020)
Star Boy ft. Asan, Yesan Going around the world to leave my mark Trying to reach the sky and touch a star (Star boy ) Reaching the sun, baby, I'm a starboy I learned to fly, I no longer fall Got my VVS, always I'm shining (star boy) 'Cause I'm a starboy,' cause I'm a starboy Coming to th
19 Midtown lyrics translate
spain (2020)
You have technicians here making noise Sike What? Hahaha No one is a musician, they're not artists because nobody can play the guitar Yeah, eh Che, yeah They ask me to calm down because I dream of diamond ' I make it come true and I wear them as a pendant I know I'm very uninteresting B
21 I Don't Know lyrics translate
I don't know, baby, where are you? I don't know (I don't know, I don't know; ah) I don't know, baby, I don't know (No, I don't know) Ah, ah I don't know , baby where these? (Where are you?) I'm going very fast, I can't stop (I can't stop) Come on, save me I'm about to crash (For crashing)
32 Cuánto? lyrics translate
Yah How many nights did I have to spend without knowing what my life was going to be like? (What was going to become of my life) How many times have I been locked in the studio without seeing the light of day? (The light of day) How many times have I surrendered my trust and it almost comes o
37 Cascada lyrics translate
I think you are not ready for this yet, but your children will be fascinated Outside it rains and it seems that it will not stop Duko brought the waterfall when he stepped on the city I am the f * ckin 'tsunami, they will learn to swim Pa' get there They will have to row to the mountains
41 Si Quieren Frontear ft De La Ghetto y Quevedo. lyrics translate
Spain (2022)
(I knocked it out of the park with a homerun —bastard, being me is a bastard) If you want to border, cats I have a lot Pasto I have a lot, sticks I have a lot I knocked it out of the park with a homerun Being me is a bastard, being me is a bastard Yes They want to front, I have a lot of ca
44 Esto Recién Empieza ft Emilia lyrics translate
spain (2020)
Ah From a distance I see you well (I see you well) But I know that you look better up close (You look better) That Bulgari in your skin That tells me when you walk through the door (And I throw one—And I throw one—) And I throw him a direct one so that he leaves' your hint We are 'as a child'
54 Unfollow lyrics translate
Justin Quiles & Bizarrap. Duko, you know J Quiles Biza already knew is another stick pa 'history She is to go (It is to go), she is to go Baby, if you go, do not go vo'a I put pa'mi I'm not going to lie to you, and if you have your reasons, it doesn't hurt that you don't cry, I'm not
55 Givenchy lyrics translate
Mexico (2020)
Duko This is the Big One, baby I put on my best Jordans An Italian name written on the strap Diamonds shine with the new combi And the note goes up when the song plays I was looking for you, but I couldn't find you I need your number, someone Give it to me (Give me your number) It's just
62 Muero De Fiesta lyrics translate
Ca7riel I don't care what they talk about me (About me) Mami, I always make it heavy (heavy) They say: "Why is Duko always trending?" (Trending) I don't know, I can't stop being flexin '(Flex, flex) Duko (Duko) is always ready (Ready) He went out, put on his tennis shoes (Tenni') Brand
64 TOP 5 lyrics translate
She looks for me at night and during the day she doesn't call me, ah-ah She has me thinking about it (you already knew) Bad for love Good for bed She gets what she wants What she wants For you I have sugar like Maroon 5 You 'It's from one to five in my top five Let's make it exotic, lo-fi
65 Celosa lyrics translate
She says she's not jealous, but hey (But hey) When she gets mad she makes me ice cold (Ice law) My room is seven degrees below zero Baby, save me, if not maybe I'll freeze, oh (Sike) She says that she's not jealous, but hey When she gets angry she makes me cold turkey My room is seven degr

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