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Farruko from / Bayamón, Puerto Rico (pr) With 31 years old ,With a Music Hip Hop style. He has 19 albums added , 186 song lyrics and 30810 hits. Last album added added Premium in year 2021 with the lyrics "XOXA ft El Alfa" . Use the Song search engine .

Farruko Songs

1 Pepas lyrics translate
I do not care what they say about me Life you your life, that I live mine That is only one, enjoy the moment That time is running out and does not turn back Drinking, smoking and fucking I keep hesitating from party to 'los day ' Follow him, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh (Farru!) Follow him,
2 No Te Enamores Remix lyrics translate
spain (2020)
Farruko, Milly, Jay Wheeler, Nio Garcia & Amenazzy - (Intro: Milly) Oh, oh Oh, oh Oh-oh-woh, oh-oh-oh Baby, I know This is the remix (Eh) (Saying: Amenazzy, Jay Wheeler & Milly) No, no, I'm not for you, I don't want to hurt you We can 'see' a couple of times' And no more from there, no
3 Quiéreme lyrics translate
(Jacob Forever) When the sun touches your window And another day comes into your life When you wake up and you don't find me in your bed Hugging you, loving you (Farruko) How are you going to look at the time on the clock? How can you speak when you lack my voice? Tell me, what will you
5 La Toxica (Remix) lyrics translate
[Intro: Sech, Jay Wheeler & Farruko] She has all her clear points First the street, then her friends Bottles up and a Phillie on the way out (Ah-ah) Now nobody prevents him from leaving (No-oh) Now she laughs at that poor wretch From a toxic relationship just leave They convinced her and she
6 El Incomprendido lyrics translate
spain (2020)
Víctor Cárdenas & DJ Adoni. Attention gossipers Whoever wants to waste their time to advise me That I am blunt, but ugly, ugly And today we have to give myself a band I think I will be alone when I die (When you keep me 'talk') I have been misunderstood, Nobody has loved me as I am (I di
7 La Tóxica lyrics translate
She is no longer motivated to go out She was traumatized, she still thinks about that unhappy Her friends trick her to take her to the street So that it clears up and forgets From a toxic relationship just leave They convinced her and she managed to go (Laramercy gang, Farru) And she goes to
8 Calma (Remix) part. Pedro Capo lyrics translate
Let pa 'the beach, pa' heal the soul Closes the screen, opens the medal entire Caribbean sea, watching your waist You will flirt, are you buscabulla and I like Welcome to the Paradise Four hugs and coffee Just woke And the look at you I remembered That I already found everything
9 Qué Hay de Malo lyrics translate
(Intro) Lara mercy gang (Ah-ah-ah) Is a bad man thing (Ah-ah-ah) Farru!  (Nah-nah-nah-nah) Yah-yah (Verse 1) Your father, as usual, has given him that you forget me He says that "I'm not good for you" (Blep!) He has forbidden you to mention my name Although you suffer everything
11 Obsesionado lyrics translate
spain (2015)
Like an obsessed madman I look at the photo you have sent me You know me and you already know what I want to do Without thinking about it, I write to you The desire to be with you And I imagine the smile that you are going to put on Because I know that you want the same thing as me Mak
12 Me Levanto lyrics translate
spain (2017)
After the storm comes the calm Carbon Fiber Music Farru! Trafficker If I fall, I get up here there is no time to cry and if I fall I get up here there is no time to cry Puerto Rican get up! (x2) God bless the island that saw me born this does not end here, there is much to do , Puer
15 Clavado En Un Bar lyrics translate
(Intro) Pri-yah-yah Farru! Pri-yah-yah (Verse 1) Here you have me well nailed Releasing the sorrows in a bar Toasting for your master-o-or (Farru!) Here he has abandoned me Drinking tequila to forget And take away this idol-o-or (Pre-Chorus) Yah-yah And where are you damn? Where
18 Lejos de Aquí lyrics translate
colombia (2014)
I know, I know that you are crazy crazy to have me I know, I tell you that I am also crazy to have you To go away from here and from here To go, me next to you and you next to me. Kiss me on the mouth like this and like this Take off your clothes on top of me After we exchange, I on top of
19 Lo De Ella Es Fichuriar – Feat. Baby Rasta & Gringo lyrics translate
I smoked and I hit myself like that without asking her, I took her by the hand nothing limits me and I invite her for a drink without obligation But I don't accept it She told you no and she doesn't care or ask and without thinking she turned around , she pretended to be crazy and si
20 Delincuente lyrics translate
Anuel AA & Kendo Kaponi The 'untouchable', the 'Illuminati, hear ya baby? Brrr Bad man thing is this They say that I am a criminal, around there people are what they speak For me that they speak, that they comment, because I owe nothing to anyone Thank God I give him because he brought m
22 Su Hija Me Gusta lyrics translate
(Farruko) Hello, how are you, I come to tell you a secret with great respect, I have several things to tell (José Feliciano) Señorito, take a seat and let's talk once, your face tells me, there is not much to hide (Farruko) If I knew That Nerves Betray Me I Have To Be Silent For
23 Oh Mama ft Myke Towers lyrics translate
spain (2021)
(Intro: Myke Towers & Farruko) Hey Myke Towers, baby Young Kingz (Uh-uh) (Pre-Chorus: Farruko) was placed Victoria (He got the Victoria) Lotion is the colony (lotion, is the colony) is happens in lower, she loves to walk fresh And while 'she fixes up on her playlist she listens to Sech
26 XOXA ft El Alfa lyrics translate
spain (2021)
(Pre-Chorus: Farruko) Waitress, give me another bottle of reposado tequila And a hookah that is not the same flavor as last Saturday Because today I want to disregard myself Forget it, no longer remember That devil wanted to use me But I'm very tiger to let it hunt me ( Barbaro, pussy, respect
28 Te Ire a Buscar (Remix) – Feat. Baby Rasta & Don Omar lyrics translate
Close your eyes well and only make a wish because your father and mother say that I am a bad guy (from the street) because your mai 'and your pai' have not realized that when they fall asleep I enter the door and I'm Looking for You (Oh !! Oh !! Oh !!) Baby I'm Looking for You (Oh !! Oh
29 Coolant lyrics translate
spain (2017)
(Chorus) , This was done so that they bend their knees, So that they give it to the bottom and stand up from the chair, Bend and come down that you do not eat rod, That this is the same as the gym, Go, break, do Squats, That this is the most moved music, Electric and magnet
30 Chillax feat. Ky-Mani Marley lyrics translate
spain (2015)
Youu Farruko Visionay How can I please you Tell me I offer you something to drink Maybe I have not told you this before But I do not dare to ask you How I would like to drink with you And that you and I forget that we are friends Delete all Your Chilling, I Chilling Let's have a good
31 Nadie Tiene Que Saber feat. El Boy C lyrics translate
The Boy C! Farruko! If you eat quietly I also eat quietly And we both continue to eat I'll go to you (Baby!) No one has to know that we are going to see you No one has to know that I'm going to pick you up If you tell me yes, I'll wait for you somewhere else Baby ... Dumb and silent .
49 LOVE 66 lyrics translate
spain (2020)
FARRUKO, CJ - LOVE 66 Farru, what what? What what? Whoopty Oxytocin in the hookah Foam glass with Red Bull and vodka We are looking for the tuca The chickens move without potatoes and without cassava I have below zero the neck And on top of the one who crushes it Give me a reason, yo
52 Chulería En Pote lyrics translate
(X2) But what a beautiful thing What a coolest thing You are my baby You are my baby (X2) You are a cockiness in a pot You make me rise up and get upset Ooohhhh chulería (cockiness) Chulería They won the lottery Your dad and you Mommy that day When they made you went over the top Oo
91 Baila Conmigo (Bronx Whine) lyrics translate
(Farruko) Turn up the volume and play this is a rhythm that does not fall this will not stop we come to the rhythm of the Bronx whine Bay bay bay bay bay bay bay bay we come to the rhythm of the bronx whine ay ay Bay bay bay bay bay bay bay we come to the rhythm of the bronx whine ay ay
102 Pepas Robin Schulz Remix lyrics translate
spain (2020)
Farru! Farru! I do not care what you say about me Life you your life, that I only live mine That is only one, enjoy the moment That time is running out and then it does not turn Drinking, smoking and fucking I keep hesitating from party to ' the days' And follow him, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, o
131 Donde Te Pillemos ft. D.ozi lyrics translate
(D.OZi :) Hey, things got bad for the combo of you, you know me because I am the first to start, we are giving fire in snow storms. (Farruko :) A masked man babbling around for a long time with the short on top just in case one of them becomes a clown. Many try to hunt me but they
155 Me Pasé lyrics translate
The fault was rum beer and Dom Perignon flew our imagination and suddenly we forgot And I went I spent drinks I went to sleep with you And I woke up with another And is that I spent I went from drinks I went to sleep with you And I woke up with another And it is that I spent I h

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