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Jhay Cortez from With 23 years old ,With a Music Reggaeton style. He has 3 albums added , 47 song lyrics and 3836 hits. Last album added added Timelezz in year 2021 with the lyrics "Kobe En La 2.0" . Use the Song search engine .

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4 DÁKITI lyrics translate
Baby, I already found out, it shows when you see me There where he has not 'arrived' or knows' that I will take you And tell me what you want to drink, and that you are my baby And who is going to talk about us? If we don't let us see And sometimes' e 'Dolce, sometimes' Bulgari When I take it
6 Christian Dior lyrics translate
spain (2019)
Yummy smells that perfumito Christian Dior me up the note as a lift If there is no smoke, you know that there is alcohol You know there alcohol, yeah I like your body, tell me, Mommy That booty you did in Miami Ponte pa me, For me to put myself for you That ass is criminal like Natti (Tell me
7 Prendemos lyrics translate
spain (2019)
Long time no see How to satisfy this desire If you knew 'what I have done Baby, thinking of you-i-i Long time no see How to satisfy this desire (How to satisfy this desire) If you knew 'what I've done (done) How rich when we turn on '(When we turn on') Your face when we do it '(When we do
9 Dime A Ve lyrics translate
mexico (2019)
Baby, tell me go '(Baby, tell me go') Tell me if you remember '(Tell me if you remember') When I put it on you and nobody noticed I know you liked it and me too (-well) You grew up but that ass too (-well) What happened to you-or-or? Baby, don't miss me '(follow me'?) Baby, tell me go '(Baby,
10 En Mi Cuarto lyrics translate
Jhay Cortez, Skrillex - In My Room I spend it imagining your skin What we did on the couch that And maybe if I get to know, I will not get to meh That night because Baby, not him the same here if you are not In my room, in my room I spend it watching all your videos Seeing all your port
11 Kobe En LA lyrics translate
spain (2019)
I have a price on my head, I no longer know what to do Every night I think how to get out (Her) What does she want from me? What do you want from me? (Oh-oh) She wants to kill me, I want to die When you are not near me I love you only for me (It's lit) To'a the 'night' (Night '), all the tim
12 Nos Matamos lyrics translate
Go-Got it on Smash Are you following me? If he wants to 'kill you, we will kill us' If he wants to 'kill you, we will kill us' With what is 'mine' to 'what' day ' Where is the form' When I see 'the piece and to' what 'stick', baby, you He knows 'that we have arrived' We take 'the' rule 'a
14 Ley Seca lyrics translate
spain (2021)
Jhay Cortez, Anuel AA - Real to death 'Tá tired' of bad decisions' (Oh-oh-oh) False illusions' and 'bad love' (Amore ') But when it feels good (Good) How beautiful It gets on me, that's why Today 'tá pa' go out, have a good time, you bastard (Cabrón) That's why the combi you bought in the ma
15 Esta Dejá lyrics translate
Tell him that he does not deserve you Even if he tells you I miss you That he has done a couple of times Fill your cloth with tears But now it is for alcohol The rumba instead of pain That is not for anyone and I found out that you are leaving That now it is on for you That it doesn't h
16 Los Bo lyrics translate
Myke Towers. Are you following me 'or not following me' yet, son * ta? This' bastard 'they have to suck me (Yes) This' bastard' they have to suck me (Than suck) Without a fuck ', I'm never going to get off (No) Son' ep * ta, I'll never go ' to go down (I'm going to go down) This 'woman
17 Enterrauw lyrics translate
spain (2019)
you are 'feke (Feke) Soldout? If I have seen your check At thirty pesos' the box office, you bastard, even my showgirl puts them in, prr There is no brake, in English ': there is no break anymore I give' fifty to your shadow even if it does not walk 'with Gray M
19 Dile (Homenaje) lyrics translate
Tell him you haven't made up your mind That you don't know about having a husband Tell him that we'll see each other often That you write to me even though you haven't followed me And when you're alone He treats you badly and doesn't value you You get home, he knows the time Tell him danc
25 Súbele el volumen lyrics translate
Turn up the volume walking mission Dj music do not remove crank up the volume know his intention she is putting pal revenge he says that broke his heart and what was left it in a mailbox crank up the volume walking mission Dj music not take off Turn up the volume know his int
28 Mi Vicio lyrics translate
Jhayco I know you liked what happened that night When I ate you in the back 'of the Porsche (From the Porsche) You know' how I am (You know 'how I am) You already know me' If we eat 'since grade twelve And that Your little body, baby, and 'my vice (Vice) When I see you with another I feel
34 Sensual Bebé lyrics translate
spain (2019)
She transforms when she comes out She took a shower to clean up all her ills The note went up, but nobody saw it She wants me to pull it Where it can't be seen But how good it looks Don't tell me no I know you dare And sensual baby Tell me what you drink, my baby I'm going to give you
47 En La De Ella ft Feid y Sech lyrics translate
A night that I can't forget And even if I have to run away To work late I'll get to Pichar all the texts and make her pay And I know her She likes cars, motorcycles The weed mixes with the other And sometimes 'she they like totos Don't look at her, she's in hers Ask her for another bott

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