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Collision Course letra

Rancid Collision Course letra
Did I mix up to you mama punk rock radio
Worst on apply on my pushing up stereo
Transistor boarding by the fanal right
I’m gonna speak on a plant on a regular night

Sham 69 were slagging on my table
With a 45 record to my turntable
With the door check kicking me ticking how are you
With the songs come around and let the song begin


We’re on a mission, got no remorse
One hundred miles and hour, collision course

When I blow up the line and my radio down
Four better piece from the record found
I dropped the needle watching (?)
Now I’m playing a bad man at the record shop

Deep in the night in the chaos and scum
My rhythm gets trigging by the beat of drums
45 or 43 pm,
Hey, mr. DJ let us in

Check it!

We’re on a mission, got no remorse
One hundred miles and hour, collision course

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Agora voce pode ouvir o video ou letras video oficial para a musica "Collision Course" incluido no album "Honor Is All We Know" [ver Disk] em 2014 com um estilo Pop Rock musical. O Top de letras deste CD sso as musicas "Already Dead" Lyrics [Video] - "Collision Course" Lyrics [Video] - "Diabolical" Lyrics [Video] - "Evil's My Friend" Lyrics [Video] - "Face Up" Lyrics [Video] - .

Olhe Rancid biografia e discografia com todas as suas cd. Sua musica pode ser encontrada em seus "Trouble Maker" [Ver] - "Honor Is All We Know" [Ver] - .

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