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In Da Club letra

50 Cent In Da Club letra
(50 Cent)
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go shawty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a fu*k
It's not your birthday!

(Chorus) (2x)
You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub
Look mami I got the X if you into taking drugs
I'm into having se*, I ain't into making love
So come give me a hug if you into to getting rubbed

When I pull out up front, you see the Benz on dubs
When I roll 20 deep, it's 20 knives in the club
Niggas heard I fu*kwith Dre, now they wanna show me love
When you sell like Eminem, and the hoes they wanna fu*k
But homie ain't nothing change hold down, G's up
I see Xzibit in the Cutt that nigga roll that weed up
If you watch how I move you'll mistake me for a playa or pimp
Been hit wit a few shells but I dont walk wit a limp
In the hood then the ladies saying "50 you hot"
They like me, I want them to love me like they love 'Pac
But holla in New York them niggas'll tell ya im loco
And the plan is to put the rap game in a choke hold
I'm feelin' focused man, my money on my mind
I got a mill out the deal and I'm still on the grind
Now shawty said she feeling my style, she feeling my flow
Her girlfriend wanna get bi and they ready to go

(Chorus) (2x)

My flow, my show brought me the doe
That bought me all my fancy things
My crib, my cars, my pools, my jewels
Look nigga I got K-Mart and I ain't change

And you should love it, way more then you hate it
Nigga you mad? I thought that you'd be happy I made it
I'm that cat by the bar toasting to the good life
You that faggot ass nigga trying to pull me back right?
When my junk get to pumpin in the club it's on
I wink my eye at ya bitch, if she smiles she gone
If the roof on fire, let the motherfucker burn
If you talking bout money homie, I ain't concerned
I'm a tell you what Banks told me cause go 'head switch the style up
If the niggas hate then let 'em hate
Watch the money pile up
Or we go upside there wit a bottle of bub
You know where we fucking be

(Chorus) (2x)

(laughing) Don't try to act like you ain't know where we been either nigga
In the club all the time nigga, its about to pop off nigga

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Agora voce pode ouvir o video ou letras video oficial para a musica "In Da Club" incluido no album "Get Rich Or Die Tryin" [ver Disk] em 2003 com um estilo Hip Hop - Rap musical. O Top de letras deste CD sso as musicas "Intro" Lyrics [Video] - "What Up Gangsta" Lyrics [Video] - "Patiently Waiting" Lyrics [Video] - "Many Men (Wish Death)" Lyrics [Video] - "In Da Club" Lyrics [Video] - .

Olhe 50 Cent biografia e discografia com todas as suas cd. Sua musica pode ser encontrada em seus "Singles" [Ver] - "Best Of" [Ver] - "Street King Immortal" [Ver] - "Girls Go Wild" [Ver] - .

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