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Miss You Being Gone letra

The Band Perry Miss You Being Gone letra
Wish I would have noticed sooner
All that crazy in your eyes
Do you practice in the mirror
On that tempt and crooked smile

Like that serpent in the garden
You came crawling back to me
Twice I ate that poisoned apple
Made me sick of being evil

I'll admit that I was wrong
You said I miss you
Oh yes I do
Hunny I miss you being gone

I saw that floozy you've been wooing
On your ex-best buddies arm
And I knew you'd soon be sneaking back turning on the charm

Yea well, cupid ain't a bruiser
And I'm tampered throwing darts
Do you think I walk around
With a bulls-eye on my heart

Well, I'll admit that I was wrong

You said I miss you
Oh yes I do
Sugar I miss you being gone

I miss you like
Drama queens and cat fight and braces on prom night
I miss you like
Boy bands and cheap cologne our song as chaperones and probably other thing that I've outgrown

Well you know you've got the mojo
But it ain't working me no more
and I swear I won't be checking you out when you walk out the door

You said I miss you
And boy you got issues
Hunny I miss you being gone

Being gone

Being gone

Thank God you're gone

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Agora voce pode ouvir o video ou letras video oficial para a musica "Miss You Being Gone" incluido no album "The Band Perry" [ver Disk] em 2010 com um estilo Pop Rock musical. O Top de letras deste CD sso as musicas "You Lie" Lyrics [Video] - "Hip To My Heart" Lyrics [Video] - "If I Die Young" Lyrics [Video] - "All Your Life" Lyrics [Video] - "Miss You Being Gone" Lyrics [Video] - .

Olhe The Band Perry biografia e discografia com todas as suas cd. Sua musica pode ser encontrada em seus "Singles" [Ver] - "Pioneer" [Ver] - "Better Dig Two single" [Ver] - "The Band Perry" [Ver] - .

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