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Wet Looking Road (feat. Giggs) letra

Everything Is Recorded Wet Looking Road (feat. Giggs) letra
I'm never gonna need that click
See you there, make sure you keep that in so you remember

(Verse 1)
Verses, scriptures
Them videos, they getting silly with pictures
I'm with the gangsters, but the hipsters
And now I'm chilling with Richard
The Vossy and mixed with coke
You know I'm feeling them mixtures
I had bitches, and bitches, and bitches
But now I'm chilling with Vixon
Flows, I got silly and switched 'em
Oh, I got silly convictions
Yeh, I got niggas locked up in jail
The judges minimum sixed 'em
You get silly with sticks
I get (?) and fix 'em
These niggas bitching, and bitching, and bitching
They got silly, man kicked 'em
(?) cognac, mixer mixer mixer
She just her lips on me and he just kissed her
I'm an egotistical nigga, he's a mister
And she's itching, and itching, and itching
To get Giggs in the picture
Quick little mix up, it's that big bad quick little Insta
I got sick then I fixed up, (?) up, keep that beef in the mincer
And he's got beef with my man, she's got beef with her sister
Man it's that kid that kicked that shit and lifted the brick up

Yeh yeh yeh

(Verse 2)
Rap for the hustlers
Blap blap for the busters
Back for the cream
Cause when I rap then it's custard
To fat men and dat OG
They say that niggas masters
I called them slags and they cussed us
I turn around, niggas buskers
Old school, they came back then they rushed us
Fast forward, we got the MACs with the muzlers
I hid the coke in the crackheads garden
I slapped backs to the shufflers
Nigga what, nigga what, nigga pardon?
It's pap pap then your busted

Jesus Christ

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Agora voce pode ouvir o video ou letras video oficial para a musica "Wet Looking Road (feat. Giggs)" incluido no album "Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell" [ver Disk] em 2018 com um estilo Electronica musical. O Top de letras deste CD sso as musicas "Intro" Lyrics [Video] - "Close But Not Quite (feat. Sampha)" Lyrics [Video] - "She Said (feat. Obongjayar & Kamasi Washington)" Lyrics [Video] - "Wet Looking Road (feat. Giggs)" Lyrics [Video] - "Echoes in the Bone - Interlude (feat. Rachel Zeffira)" Lyrics [Video] - .

Olhe Everything Is Recorded biografia e discografia com todas as suas cd. Sua musica pode ser encontrada em seus "Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell" [Ver] - "Singles" [Ver] - "Close but Not Quite - EP" [Ver] - .

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Albun "Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell" (2018)

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