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Get it, Get it!
Bust it open

[Verse 1:]
Ratchet pussy, Bust it open
Boogie pussy, Bust it open
They ain't let us in, Bust it open
Copped a brick, Bust it open
Go and bust it open for a real nigga
Got that Tommy on me, Feel no Hilfiger
Bust it, Bust it, Go and break it down
Remember me? Mr.Choppa Down
Paint the city, All black
Me and [?] city in all black
Shorty gonna bust it wide open while I get head while I smoke
Real niggas ain't talkin', we just...


[Verse 2:]
Get the scale, Bust it open
Hit the head, Close the coffin
Them Coke Boys, they name a corporate
Pass the pill, Call me Crawford
Ass fat, Hips wide
Take you 'round the world 'bout six times
Bust it open, Coke boy
Strippers fell in love with this dope boy
We seen that brown bag turn clear
I'd done seen your favorite rappers turned fiends
We was serving them the coke,
We get it straight off the boat


East Coast, Bust it open
Down South, Bust it open
West Coast, Bust it open
Midwest, Bust it open
Eastside, Bust it open
Westside, Bust it open
That Midwest, Bust it open
That Down South, Bust it open
Real Bitches, Bust it open
Real Niggas, Bust it open

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