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It's like a bolt of lightning hits me in my chest
Right out of the blue
Everytime i see you
Everytime i see you
Top of the world I'm standing rocking at my best
Then I look like a fool
Everytime i see you
Everytime i see you

You're like a wreck out on the highway
I can't look away and I can't pass through
You're like an early morning Monday
Bringing me down messing with my mood
I'd love to say i can hold myself together
But i can't help but come unglued
Everytime i see you
Everytime i see you

I wanna tell you everything I ever wanted to say
But I never do
Everytime i see you
Everytime i see you
I'm sure my steering wheel and dashboard would
love a good break
But they feel it too

Every time I see you
Why I gotta see you?


Ohh I'm walkin down the street
And you walk right up to me
Everytime i see you

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